So I was playing Pirate Fluxx with 4 players. Its DRAW 4, PLAY 3. It is my turn.

I draw and now have 10 cards (I think) in my hand.

My first play is the card: Draw 3, Play 2  

I set aside my hand (9 cards)

I draw Trash a Rule, a Keeper, and Draw 2 & Use 'em.

I play Draw 2 & Use 'em

I set aside 2 cards

I draw Jackpot, Discard & Draw.

I play Jackpot - and Draw 3 Cards

I then play Draw & Discard

So here are my questions:
1) How many cards do I Draw & Discard?

2) What do I do with the Jackpot cards? 

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I believe that you would discard your current hand of 3 cards & draw 3 more, since you MUST play Discard & Draw.

Discard & Draw only applies to your current hand, NOT the hand you've initially set aside.

Jackpot goes into the Discard Pile, like any other Action card that you use. After using Discard & Draw, you would

immediately discard your hand, pick up the 2 cards you've set aside with Draw 3, Play 2 of Them, play your pick of the 2nd

card of that action, then discard the leftover card. Only AFTER all that do you pick up your original hand & resume your

normal turn.

The way I play: The cards you draw for Jackpot go into your original hand, so you have 12 cards to discard and draw.  Then finish resolving Draw 3, Play 2 of them, then (if you didn't trash Play 3), continue playing cards from your hand.

i agree with jeff wolfe.

both draw 3 play 2 and draw 2 play 2 are temporary. these are not your hand.

so jackpot should go to your original hand 9 cards, totaling to 12.

and discard and draw affects your original hand, so you would be discarding 12 hands and replacing them.

this behavior is actually observable in fluxx mobile version, which andy looney took part in flushing out the rules.

if you have the mobile version of fluxx, when you play jackpot in draw 3 play 2 or draw 2 play 2, you would be adding 3 cards into your original hand. same goes to discard and draw.

but again, the fun thing about any looney labs games is the ability to impose your own house rules. so it is up to you how you want to play it.

I never knew the extra drawn cards go into your original hand. I always thought that they were discarded from your temporary hand. Guess you learn something new every day. :3

I regard the "Hand" to be a technical term which refers to a specific set of cards.  Anytime you are instructed to "set your hand aside" or "draw cards" the instructions are in reference to your actual hand of cards, and not any other spurious set of cards you are handling.

All the cards including the ones you drew for jackpot that should have gone directly into your hand.  But first you need to finish out your draw 3 play 2 and discard one first.  So you have 9 cards in your hand and one play left, add the jackpot, play your discard and draw....Does it say this ends your turn or do you have one play left from your hand?




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