Hello pyramid fans!

Dallan Duggar has created a new pyramid game called Egyptian Solitaire which he is hoping to get listed on the MORE GAMES page at LooneyLabs.com - but first he needs to get 10 Starship Captains to give it a thumbs up and say the game and rules are ready for publication. 

Comments/questions welcome...  please check out this new pyramid game!  

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Cool!  I fFeel bad I haven't had a chance to play this yet.  I really really should, tho.

Tried it today,  fun, and challenging. :)

I've been looking for a new solitaire game, I'll give it a go. 

Really like it, its rather challenging. its good to have a new solitaire game to play. 

If I am reading the instructions correctly, color doesn't matter too much right? I don't have 3 rainbow stashes, but I have an IceDice set and a Pink Treehouse set, meaning I can come up with 12 stacks. Sounds like a very neat game, I'll have to try it out tomorrow when the fiance is at class!

Okay, updating on this since I finally found people to try multiplayer with.

The single player version I really like, it's a simple game to show people who are looking for a 1 player game. It's close enough to known existing games that it's easy to learn and pick up. I give a big thumbs up for the single player version.

The king tut did not go over as well. I got 3 other people to try it out and all 3 unanimously agreed they didn't care for it because they didn't like waiting around waiting for other players to play a game while they just played timekeeper.

The Quicksand multiplayer variant went over better, since everyone was involved at the same time, and the idea of an abstract timer (such as "when the delivery guy gets here") makes it a nice game to kill time with. One of the players had voiced concern about everyone being so involved with their game they couldn't see if someone cheated, but the other two players didn't seem to share that concern.

Tricky, but fun! I'm not too great at solitaire games, but I enjoyed it.

The multiplayer variants seem shallow/tacked on, but the game itself I have no problem giving a thumbs up.

Thumbs up!
I added the game to my Starship Captain List today. Really like the solitaire option. Multiplayer solitaire is not my cup of tea, but it is nice even 2 multi-variants are included. Well done!

'Sokay. I think I prefer Solace or even my own Magma as solitaire Pyramid games. Egyptian Solitaire does use fewer 'mids, giving it more accessibility. The comparison to pegboard solitaire is apt, but Rubik's Cube it's not -- especially considering that it is agnostic to color.

I've added it to my Starship Admiral's list.

I agree; I like the game, but prefer Solace personally. I'm going to go and try out Magma now - don't know how I missed it. 

Although I have not won (and may never BUT sure enjoy trying) I like this game. 

I love my pyramids and am happy to be able to play with them alone!!

Thank you for the solitaire game, ready for MORE!!

Printed the rules. Will give it a try after work.



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