Hello pyramid fans!

Dallan Duggar has created a new pyramid game called Egyptian Solitaire which he is hoping to get listed on the MORE GAMES page at LooneyLabs.com - but first he needs to get 10 Starship Captains to give it a thumbs up and say the game and rules are ready for publication. 

Comments/questions welcome...  please check out this new pyramid game!  

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Just printed out the rules, will give it a try at Dirigo Hobbies tomorrow. Plan to leave early for MTG Draft, and run it solitaire a couple of times. That usually garners some curiosity!  Hee-hee, my 'mids and me!

I played for about an hour last night ( was unable to score less than 2).

I give it a thumbs up. It is a very engaging time filler.

I will try the multiplayer after I teach the kids to play.

I played it and like it. The rules are simple ..... but the game is not. Which is what I like about it. However, I am a little worried that once you found the perfect solution, it might become repetitive. I thought about some additional variant which I'll post later here in this topic.


Here's what I've come up it.

With this (so far untested) variant, the colours of the pyramids do matte.
The variant can be played with different colour setups.
In every game, no matter how many colours you use, there need to be
the exact same amount of pyramids in all the sizes.

3 colours = 4 nests of each colour
4 colours = 3 nests of each colour
6 colours = 2 nests of each colour
12 colours = 1 nest of each colour

Additional components:
1 flat circular token for each colour pyramids you use.

Before setting up the nests onto the board, take all the tokens and hold them

a few centimeters above the board and just drop them. The squares they land on

are the squares where they stay for the rest of the game. Now set up the nests

onto the board as you would do usually.

Game play is exactly the same with 1 small difference.

Whenever a token is completely visible, a pyramid of any size with the same colour

as the token, cannot be placed on that square. All other coloured pyramids can, however.

Adding multiple tokens for each colour probably makes the game more challanging.

That's about it. I'll test this during the next couple of days and report back ;-)

I like it. I did manage to get to one once, but now I can't seem to repeat it. I guess it depends on your memory!  I've only tried the solitaire versions of this.



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