In working towards getting more IceSheets together, I looked towards the classics. As in games that have already been published with rules, but haven't been put in the IceSheet format yet. So, here is the first of two that I have written up the rules for: Thin Ice, originally designed by Jacob Davenport. The game has already been playtested enough that it was included in Playing with Pyramids, so that isn't the main concern of these rules, but instead to look and ensure that I have put into words correctly the rules, so someone can put this together into a proper IceSheet. Thank you!

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Good I Aprove

Maybe add some pictures of examples

I plan on adding pictures, but only when it's actually being made into an IceSheet. For now, I'm more concerned with getting the rules into the proper format.

Thin Ice is okay, but CrackeD ICE is the preeminent dexterity game, if you ask me.

Cracked Ice is okay, but I'd rather be playing Leaning Towers.

I had not heard of that game.  I assume you mean this one described at the Icehouse wiki?  It looks potentially interesting, but the lack of any images of the game interferes with both understanding it and appreciating it.  The link at them bottom to a page with images no longer exists. :(

There’s a BoardGameGeek page that has a few pictures to help you out. 



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