I've been digging around the icehousegames.org wiki and am a little concerned about the quality of the site, and the possibility that it's not being maintained as well as it could be, especially in preparation of Pyramid Arcade hitting stores later this year.

I'd love to understand more of the history behind that site, and come up with way to breathe new life into it ready for new Pyramid Arcade owners, or if that's not a good use of my/anyone's time, breathe life into a replacement.

I would just love to help out there. I'm trying to reach out to Cerulean / Ryan Hackel to get regular access. I just friended him here on the fan club.

As a professional PHP web developer, there are a few issues with icehousegames.org/wiki that could do with fixing. MediaWiki is out of date, there are lots of different kinds of errors. It's currently not a great experience to browse around. I have the skills to fix these things, and would love to help out.

As far as content on the wiki, I really want to start going through the playable games and marking them as playable with the components provided in Pyramid Arcade and other Looney Pyramids sets.

Failing being able to help out there, I am tempted to rescue good content from that and open a more modern Looney Pyramid community resource site. I'm even tempted to call it "Pyramid Buffet" to go along with the new box set.

If anyone has strong feelings about where to take icehousegames.org and/or its content, I'd love to hear them.

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I'd really prefer to use a hosted service like Wikidot or Wikia, mainly because they would fight spam and keep the site up. 

I've spent a few hours today playing with Wikidot (because of the reasons you said), and have found it a struggle to do basic things I know how to do in MediaWiki. The [[div]] syntax they have is really annoying, and especially because if it has textual content, it puts a <p> tag inside it whether you want it or not.

Thanks for working on this! It's been a long time since we've been able to move forward.

I did a lot of work with fixing dead links in the past (and finding games that had gone missing or offline). One of the things that I'd recommend going forward is to simply post the game rules on the wiki. We did a lot of linking, so as to not bother those who might not want their games shared on a community site. Several of those links are now dead (and someone will have to find the games again). Personally, I'd be for posting the rules of those games that are not for sale in some other form or where the designer hasn't specifically denied permission to print or distribute the rules. They can always then ask for us to remove the rules on demand. I can do what I can to help retrieve broken rules in the future.

Funny, the site is offline today, just when I was going to send over a few links to some game players. So, yes, fixing the wiki would be wonderful, indeed, as I've been linking to it to encourage a few friends to contribute to the kickstarter!

After trying Wikidot and being unsatisfied, I checked out Wikia. It's VASTLY better, and actually based on MediaWiki. Let's go with that. 

So, without further ado...

. . . . pyramids.wikia.com . . . .

I've got IceDice up as an exemplar.

First community wiki mission: Make pages for all 22 games of Pyramid Arcade!

I'll give anyone with an account here for more than two months any access they desire. Andy and Kristin Looney, this is for you guys!

. . .

Also, icehousegames.org is having DNS issues this weekend, so that's no good. I don't know if we can rescue content from there. Here's hoping!

"Also, icehousegames.org is having DNS issues this weekend, so that's no good. I don't know if we can rescue content from there. Here's hoping!"

Are you actually saying that we just lost Icehousegames.org?

Yikes, that would be a huge tragedy for the community! Wow. In the middle of the Kickstarter and everything. There's so much irreplaceable data on there; the sooner we get that back, the better (even if it has to remain in its present form).

I didn't realize that you would have to start from scratch with the new wiki. It seems a daunting task in that sense.

I just realized that I already have an old wikia.com account I'd forgotten about; I am goulo there. I think a single account maps across whatever wikis have given it access there (right?) so you can give me editing access, thanks!

I have signed up (MyCakey) and started to add a couple pages, using the Icehouse wiki to work from.

I don't have loads of time to do much, but will aim to focus all my procrastination in this direction.

Now that we have movement with icehousegames.org wiki, I'd rather focus the attention to that, when it's open to public editing again.

Which should be, with luck and time on our side, within seven days. No guarantees on the timeframe though.

We'll need a small team of wiki admins to help raise standards, that's for sure.

Brian sent me the database today, so I'll be taking a stab at getting it upgraded and working locally, then I can send him what I have back to deploy live.

Apparently the domain name Icehousegames.org is under someone else's control, and the DNS is flaking out right now. Brian has ownership of http://pyramidgames.org/ and has that pointing at the wiki, so not all is lost.

I'd rather restore and redeem the IceWiki than start a new one. Too much history there not to honour it.

It's working now. At least we have access to the archives again!

Thank you all for digging in and working on this!    Although I do think it is important that this remain a fan run endeavor, please know that Looney Labs is happy to throw in a bit of financial support if this is ever needed...  I look forward to seeing what you guys come up with!  



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