I've been digging around the icehousegames.org wiki and am a little concerned about the quality of the site, and the possibility that it's not being maintained as well as it could be, especially in preparation of Pyramid Arcade hitting stores later this year.

I'd love to understand more of the history behind that site, and come up with way to breathe new life into it ready for new Pyramid Arcade owners, or if that's not a good use of my/anyone's time, breathe life into a replacement.

I would just love to help out there. I'm trying to reach out to Cerulean / Ryan Hackel to get regular access. I just friended him here on the fan club.

As a professional PHP web developer, there are a few issues with icehousegames.org/wiki that could do with fixing. MediaWiki is out of date, there are lots of different kinds of errors. It's currently not a great experience to browse around. I have the skills to fix these things, and would love to help out.

As far as content on the wiki, I really want to start going through the playable games and marking them as playable with the components provided in Pyramid Arcade and other Looney Pyramids sets.

Failing being able to help out there, I am tempted to rescue good content from that and open a more modern Looney Pyramid community resource site. I'm even tempted to call it "Pyramid Buffet" to go along with the new box set.

If anyone has strong feelings about where to take icehousegames.org and/or its content, I'd love to hear them.

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Unfortunately the wiki has been in a sort of semi-orphan state for a couple years. E.g. I have an account there, and after logging in, I see error messages across the top of the screen:

Warning: preg_match(): Compilation failed: group name must start with a non-digit at offset 8 in /home/rabbits/icehousegames.org/wiki/includes/MagicWord.php on line 592

Warning: preg_match(): Compilation failed: group name must start with a non-digit at offset 8 in /home/rabbits/icehousegames.org/wiki/includes/MagicWord.php on line 592

Warning: preg_match(): Compilation failed: group name must start with a non-digit at offset 8 in /home/rabbits/icehousegames.org/wiki/includes/MagicWord.php on line 592

Warning: preg_match(): Compilation failed: group name must start with a non-digit at offset 8 in /home/rabbits/icehousegames.org/wiki/includes/MagicWord.php on line 592

Warning: preg_match(): Compilation failed: group name must start with a non-digit at offset 8 in /home/rabbits/icehousegames.org/wiki/includes/MagicWord.php on line 592

I agree it would be great to get it actively maintained again, especially with Pyramid Arcade on the way.

The problem with the wiki has been a recurring topic with no clear solution, alas. E.g.:

http://looneylabs.ning.com/forum/topics/regaining-access-to-icehous... (wherein Ryan mentions that only Brian Campbell has full control over the wiki). In that thread, Ryan said:

During my last conversation with IceWiki admin Brian Campbell, he told me he was willing to turn the keys over to anyone qualified and attentive enough to fill his shoes.

So perhaps you can be that shoe-filler!

Thanks! I'm now in touch with Brian and we're formulating a plan to repair the existing site, and then, who knows? This is looking positive!

Excellent! Thanks for getting the ball rolling on this.

This is great!!! I wish you well in this endeavor.

I was just asking about this in a recent post, as I have updates to Armada (now Armada 2K) which I don't currently have a very good place to post.

Thank you.

BTW: I also see the same errors that Russ indicates when I log into the icehousegames.org/wiki site.

This is great news!  I reached out to do the same close to 2 years ago and was met with silence, but this sounds like progress to me.  I'll throw my hat into the ring for cleaning up articles, playing games, general maintenance, whatever you need.

Quick Aside: WRT tagging games for Pyramid Arcade, we enabled Semantic MediaWiki some time ago and, IIRC, there are various pages that use queries to generate lists of games (I write "IIRC" because it's been years since I was actively developing the site and its templates and taxonomy).

In all honesty, I think an all-new wiki with VERY well-structured Categories and Semantics would be best at this point. We could port over games (using VERY clean and consistent templates and Infoboxes) as time permits, perhaps even porting into two 'bins' (major Categories): Finished versus In Development, and make the In Dev Category less obvious (and exclusive from any Semantically-generated pages/lists!). Folks who want to help playtest can find them, sure; but they are not as 'front and center' for new pyramid fans, hopefully avoiding giving bad impressions (e.g., I wouldn't want ANYONE to think Stacktors is Finished or even out of Alpha!).

[Here's hoping this time around something improves--this issue comes up about semi-annually....]

Brian replied to my emails, and has been friendly and apologetic, but hasn't been able to make time to allow me to help in the last two weeks.

Unless he helps me out this weekend by sending the database dump, I'm probably going to start rebuilding the wiki from scratch, as you suggest. It will suck to lose the edit history of the old site, but if this has been going on for over two years, something has to give.

I'm gonna get a modicum of content worked out, structure it well and then I might open it up to anyone who wants access. I want to theme it inspired by Pyramid Arcade's geometric artwork, making it still a MediaWiki installation, but a custom one.

I've written up a few notes about what the site should focus on, and what a game page should have on it to be considered 'well written' or 'feature' quality:


Basing it on mediawiki still means you or some successor will need to periodically maintain/upgrade the underlying mediawiki software, right? Especially if you're wanting to customize the mediawiki installation (that seems kind of a possible red flag for the future, if you later want to hand over the keys to a successor). So one possible alternative is to use some existing wiki hosting site which itself maintains the underlying wiki software, e.g. http://fandom.wikia.com/games

(I mention this only in the spirit of brainstorming and consideration of the KISS principle, not because I think wikia per se is necessarily better or more suited than mediawiki.)

Good point. I don't know how powerful Wikia is, but I think the main point for this site existing is discovering new games you can play. I haven't had a deep good play with Wikia or Semantic MediaWiki yet, but KISS "Keeping It Simple, Silly" is definitely on my mind.

BTW I just noticed/remembered that Decktet has a nice looking wiki http://decktet.wikidot.com/ (which seems to be periodically updated, so it's not dead like the icehousewiki).

So perhaps wikidot is a good alternative. Looks less "commercial/spammy" than wikia. And perhaps there might even be some cross-pollination between Decktet and Looney pyramid fans?

Heh. According to their terms of service, they prohibit "pyramid schemes".

Well, we even have a game called Pyramid Scheme. :)



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