Greetings Starship Captains!

Did y'all see the thing I posted last month about the boxed set we're working on?

...or the thing I posted today about a metal tin that holds a Homeworlds set?

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It looks so amazing. I'm excited. I've been waiting for years to play Petri dish. And five more? Dang. As for the Homeworlds kit, I have my own kit, though that looks great for backpacking and the like. I love pyramid games so much. Thanks for all the great contributions to gaming. It's simply the best.

Well, there are many details we're still hammering out. But here's a question I'd like to throw to this group...

I wish Martian Coasters had a better name. Any suggestions?

Is "Looney Coasters" too obvious? ;)

PS: That round tin storage idea is very cool!

Ah, I thought you meant the name of the objects, not the name of the game. :)

(Analogous to how the objects "Icehouse pyramids" became "Looney pyramids".)

May I ask, why do you want to change the name?  Which part do you like less?  The "Martian" or the "Coasters"?  Many pyramid games have the Martian prefix, so that seems alright to me.  I don't know of any other game named coasters, however, so I'm not sure what a "Martian" version of coasters would be.  A reasonable name might be something like Martian Hopscotch.

I dislike both parts of the name, actually. There's nothing particularly Martian about it and it'd rather only have one game in the set called Martian something, and that's Martian Chess. Coasters is also a very unhelpful name since it doesn't really tell you anything about the game itself. Also -- and this is a good related question, we're considering making the ones in the set not actually coasters but instead simply small game boards. In which case it would make even less sense to include coasters in the name of the game. But is that a good idea? My thinking is that few would use or even want to use the game boards in their Arcade set as drink coasters. It makes sense to me as an a la carte product in a DIY world, but I don't think it does now. Thoughts? Anyway, I wish I had a one-word, snappy, unique name for the game that actually described some aspect of its gameplay. So I'm thinking something like Home Run, although that's two words. Alison suggested Shifter. Anyway, it may be too much to ask - name design is one of the hardest parts of game design - but if it's ever going to happen, now's the time.

It's true, I have never used my coasters as actual drink coasters, and probably will not do so in fFuture.  I know I could, but I probably won't.

Maybe "Galaxy Discs" could work? But if they aren't going to be round that won't work, obviously. Will give it more thought.

Not to be confused with the very different game, Cosmic Coasters.

The game is about trying to navigate land masses that are moving around all the time. What about "Tectonics"?

I did see!  The big box is really interesting and exciting!!  I've been pondering rounded pyramids, ever since the initial teaser came out.

And the little metal tin is also really cool, eh!  What an awesome fFind!  I'm now imaging the web-store having a sudden, unexpected run on these things and having no idea why.  =)  I notice, two tins will hold 24 nested trios, which is the amount needed fFor Caldera.  I can imagine carrying around a third tin with other stuff like some caps and dice.  I'm really keen to get several tins, now, and try them out.

This is awesome.  I can't wait to see the new games!  The rounded pyramids are going to be interesting.  I like the tin idea too, but I already have the travel set I love so much.  Thanks for the exciting news and your hard work!

I can't think of any clever new names for Martian Coasters. We just call them "coasters" and that's cool by me. :)



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