I have a couple of pyramid game that I would like to share named "Pew Pew Die" and "Initiative." However, I'm not sure if sharing the rules here is appropriate or if the Icehouse Wiki is preferred. Any suggestions?

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The Icehouse Wiki seems the obvious place to me, as it's the primary central archive of pyramid games.

I'd say post to the wiki, then link to it here for discussion/feedback. Folks have tended not to do much on Talk pages, these past few years.

I would be happy to post to the Wiki... if I had creation rights.  Would anyone with the power consider allowing me (username Fogus) such power?

This question comes up from time to time (too often). Is there a way that a link could be added to the create account page that tells new users how to edit (as that's probably the reason most people create new accounts anyway)?

You'll want to message http://looneylabs.ning.com/profile/RyanEHackel on here to get editing rights.



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