Kristin, forgive me if this topic is premature.

At today's Looney Lounge, I took a peek at an early draft of Pyramid Primer #2.  Like its predecessor, this 28-page full size pamphlet contains space for the rules of approx. 12 popular pyramid games.

I noticed that there were a couple blank spaces on the cover, suggesting that there was more space left in the draft for a few more games.  Perhaps us Starship Captains could help you select some worthwhile fan designs?

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I myself am rather partial to TimeLock

I do agree that is a great game. I don't know how they would put this in the current IceSheet format considering the ideal state for playing this game is one Xeno stash and one Rainbow. But, in terms of other requirements, it's fairly simple, and can be played with items currently found in the Treehouse sets sold in the bag. Sounds pretty solid to me.

I don't know which games are in it, so I'm not sure which to suggest, but guessing about games probably not in it which I enjoy playing (some pretty regularly), I'll propose:

Tic-Tac-Doh (simple classic, needs only 1 stash)

Stack Control (good for various numbers of players, pretty easy to teach)

Gleebs and Grues (strange but pleasing 2-player game)

Branches and Twigs and Thorns

Blam! (good for 2 or more, easy to teach)

Ricochet Pyramids (port of Ricochet Robots but interestingly different; by me)

Stawvs (similar to Amazons with Volcano scoring; by me)

Martian Tic-Tac-Toe (discovered and played only recently but it seems interesting and good)

Games that might already be included:

Freeze Tag

Lunar Invaders

Nothing Beats a Large

Petal Battle

Petri Dish

Pink Hijinks

Pyramid Shambo


Twin Win


My recommendations:




Penguin Soccer






I think Martian Whist is pretty good, but I would say something like that.

Alien City (yes it requires a piecepack, but it is a great game that I think about more than I play)

Autumn Ash (this tricky strategy game takes a little effort to learn, but it's also a good game to aspire to once you own several sets of xeno and rainbow pyramids)

Invaders of Mars (this is a fun game of doing yourself the least amount of harm_

Logger (evil little game that is fun to teach and play)

Moscow Ice (the rules could use a little bit of a rewrite, but it's a solid game with some fun variations for up to 4)

Paint the Line (I haven't played it enough of late, but it's a solid game)

Plutonian Poker (great for larger groups)

Quicksand (It's starting to become a 2-player classic)

Timelock (the perfect mix of strategy and luck--a game that lets you really mess with your opponent)

It would be hard for me to choose 12 games without a LOT of thought about quality and variety.

BUT, I am posting to suggest that many of them (if not all) should be selected based on having Rainbow and Xeno, to help promote sales and to reward those of us with 'complete' sets (complete commercial releases, not weird electric greens and blems). The wiki has RX and R+X+ categories (though I think they're incompletely tagged) to help find good ones.

And it it isn't too presumptuous to offer, I'd remove the NC portion of the CC license from any game of mine that you'd like to include! :)



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