Centuries before Martians starting using sandships to fight each other, they would use them for racing, in friendly competition. Eventually, Pyramid Racing became a professional sport, played on official racing tracks. This game simulates what this "day at the races" might have been like. RACERS, START YOUR ENGINES!

Pyramid Racing.docx

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Can you please use a "standard" file format that can be easily read, like .pdf, .doc(x), .html, .rtf, etc? I would like to read your rules but my computer does not handle .odt files properly (the formatting is messed up, some text is weird, and the images are gone).

odt is a standard file format.


FWIW the free open source program LibreOffice reads it.

That said, the attached file seems to simply have some corruption in it, unfortunately, e.g. in the table at the start of the file (e.g. the cell to the right of "Designed by Adam Boudreaux" says "8~ 6r gjz( ZP#") :/ But most of it is viewable OK for me in LibreOffice.

See if this is better.



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