Hi everyone, I'm looking for a way to store my pyramids and assorted other stuff.  Actually, two ways–one for an Icehouse set, and one for full set of (currently 11) colors.  I've noticed pink pyramids stack a little taller than the others do (at least my Pink Treehouse set does) and the plastic tote that would otherwise hold six stashes wouldn't quite work.

So, what do you use?  And of course…

Showing off is mandatory.  :)

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Also, I'd like permission to post your pics of iceboxes and general gaming kits over on the wiki where they can be found.  If you're willing, let me know.  Also if you have preferences for attribution and license—CC BY-SA or something?

I just realized, I don't think I have ever actually taken pictures of my storage solution.  I'll do that later.

I have essentially two sets of pyramids.

One set is like my grab-and-go bag.  It lives in the car, and is always handy.  It is a Laptop Case with pyramids in plastic tubes, along with a bunch of other stuff like dice and cards and stuff.

The other set is a couple overstuffed pyramid bags which hang by my desk.  Those bags hold a lot of pyramids!!

Also I have a set of Giant Pyramids, which are in a big cardboard box in the garage.  But that's sort of, you know, different.

Ultimately, I intend to have two sets as well as a set of IceDice and Treehouse as they appear on the retail market.

The first set is my full 11 stash (and room to grow) kit.  Carryable, but not exactly travel sized.  :)

The second is kind of a games survival kit.  And I'm kind of not kidding about that, since I intend to actually put such a set in a "survival kit".  Basically, a means of entertaining a family when disaster strikes.  Needs to be small, lightweight, and cover a wide range of ages and interests.  You can see why pyramids, a deck of cards, and some dice would be a good starting point.

"The second is kind of a games survival kit" this is exactly what got me back into tabletop style games. I have all this junk for surviving a disaster and realized that if its something major that shuts down utilities for weeks or even months I would probably lose my mind and either kill myself trying to do something dumb or get taken down by the police as a raving madman if I have nothing to entertain myself and my family for that time. One of the reasons I got hooked on Looney dice as well as some of Steve Jackson's dice games is the portability of it all. Easily stashed into a go bag or in a cargo pocket. So I too would love to see some of these storage solutions as I accidentally killed my big box-o-storing when I tried to fancy it up with wood burning...which I quickly learned I DO NOT know how to do lol. But I was using this wooden artist case to hold everything since it is compartmentalized for holding paint brushes and paint tubes and colored pencils and other such art tools, just stuck my colored pyramids into those pre-cut wooden bins inside the case and lined the inside with felt to keep everything soft. and non abrasive so it wouldn't scratch up any of my more delicate gaming pieces....the end came when I decided to re-purpose it to carry my Call of Cthulhu LCG set because it was bigger than what I wanted to be carrying around and wood burn an elder sign on the lid....I ended up breaking the whole thing before I was done...so long story short, I am in the market for some carrying cases too. Although I did see a video about a game called Hippos&Crocodiles that is carried in a long zippered pencil case type deal and it got me thinking that if I could find some zippered pencil cases that were nice/long/wide enough they might make for a good storage option for the grab-n-go set. Especially if I could get my game mats done up on mousepads like the game boards for that hippos & crocs game then It would be as easy as rolling up my game mat stuffing it in with the pyramids and hitting the street. Time to play? unzip drop mousepad type game mat and enjoy/

I was thinking about it and getting a set of Martian coasters printed up on a small 4" mousepad would give you the ability to roll them up and stuff them into a small container as well. Then you would just need to find something sturdy to sit each one on during play so that the pieces won't tumble off when you move a coaster. Anyone know of a company that does custom mouse pads or coasters made out of mousepad material? (I got a mousepad and coaster set that matches my dog not too long ago and the coasters are just little 4" mousepads themselves) I would love to get a quote on getting some flexible mousepad material Martian coasters printed up.
http://www.amazon.com/Rough-Enough-Classic-small-pencil/dp/B00HYTQL... something like that. A simple zippered canvas bag for each set. Because eventually I will have three. The survival set of stashes, the home set, and the demo set. I plan on purchasing this specific canvas bag to try out within a month or so depending on what else I need to stock up on before winter. I will let you know how it works out. Hopefully it fits in nicely with my portable dice tray, dice sets, cosmic wimpout cubes, and playing cards with poker chips I already have in the bug out bag right now. I really want to add pyramids into the mix, just have to find the right storage option.

http://www.amazon.com/dp/B008DZTKU0/ref=wl_it_dp_o_pC_nS_ttl?_encod... there is the link to the makeup case I was talking about...from the picture it looks like the mirror slab is removable with a few screws and I am sure with a little time and motivation I could find something related to my pyramids and/or cards or dice to replace the mirror with or just totally remove it or maybe even leave it in. Seems like a good choice for carrying lots of pyramids or a combo of pyramids and accessories especially if you end up in one of those disasters where you have to vacate the premises with a quickness, nice little grab and go tote as far as I'm concerned. Again I have not tested it yet...but soon. I will post results when I do get a chance to order and test this and the canvas zipper pouch from my last reply.

Oo, that is a nice bag. Let us know how that works for you!

How is that? I'm mainly using the pyramid bags plus my old clear plastic Martian chess box. Had been considering getting that lunch box bag, but have been on the fence about it.

It is not bad. It's just one of those mini coolers for a sixer done up with the Looney Labs logo on it. so it has plenty of internal space. I use it more for holding the Pyramids that are already stored in something like a small bag. but it is water proof.

I just ordered the zippered canvas pencil case. I will post up here with details on how it works out when I get it. I plan on probably getting that makeup case and fiddling with the mirror slab to see what I can come up with next month. Then I will have most everything set. I will have my zippered pencil case for holding however many stashes it will hold, I will have my purple looney labs bag for grab and go gaming, and I will have the make up case for a durable crush resistant storage box.



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