Hi everyone, I'm looking for a way to store my pyramids and assorted other stuff.  Actually, two ways–one for an Icehouse set, and one for full set of (currently 11) colors.  I've noticed pink pyramids stack a little taller than the others do (at least my Pink Treehouse set does) and the plastic tote that would otherwise hold six stashes wouldn't quite work.

So, what do you use?  And of course…

Showing off is mandatory.  :)

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Alas, the Treehouse tube is no more.  It would be so obvious to use any number of small bit carriers if we still had a source for treehouse tubes.  I've got one now, but I paid a premium for the set.  Unless anyone has found a source for the tubes in question?  They are likely a fairly standard part, though probably normally sold in lots of like 10,000 or something.  ;P


I think these would work, but I'm not too keen on having to trim them down to 6.5" and buy 25 at a time. =P

(I have been soooo neglecting LL stuff lately.  Life has seriously interfered with my free time!)

I think if we could get tubes for pyramid storage, a group buy would certainly be in order so that you didn't have to buy more than you needed.  I could immediately use half a carton, with caps, as could most of us.

The issue with these tubes is that they're both too long and they're round.  The Treehouse tube is used as a game piece, which is the biggest argument for having it.  Otherwise you could just use treehouse and icehouse bags labeled and tossed into a six pack cooler.

I think you're close looking at a site like uline though.  I'll keep this in the back of my head and actually try to remember to do something other than just let it rattle around for months as something that I intend to address when I have time.

(I also haven't forgotten about finishing the ePub of The Empty City either…)

The square ones I found (not from Uline, which doesn't seem to carry square plastic tubes) were both more expensive and too short. I figured it'd be possible to trim down the 8.75" tubes to 6.5" with a miter box from an arts and crafts store. The 1.5" diameter allows the pyramids, which are 1.414" diagonally at the base, to fit easily with very little wiggle room.

I've just started getting into the pyramids games after becoming a Fluxx fanatic over the last few years. A couple of days ago I decided to make my own box after looking around at both suggestions and pre-built products online. It's still in progress, but I bought a hinged wooden box for $5 at a Michael's craft store as well as a few strips of alder in 1/8x3/8 and 1/16 square sizes. The outer dimensions of the box are just over 8x8.25x1.75. The walls are about 1/4 inch and the top/bottom are very thin plywood. I used the strips to make a raised 6x6 board on top. Remaining work includes interior dividers and lining - it'll hold 39 nests, plus dice and coasters - plus staining, a felt pad on the bottom and replacement hardware.

Picture: Ice chest in progress

I'm a somewhat newcomer to the whole pyramid scene but I've got a case I find works pretty well so far.

It comes in a few different arrangements but here's the manufacturer's website:  http://www.irisusainc.com/p-759-kp-xlpho.aspx   Mine is like that but it holds 12 instead of 16.  I got it at the Container Store, Amazon has them too.  There are also versions of these boxes that are 5x7 instead of 4x6.

Anyway each of those 4x6 units can hold at least 18 nested trios.  I've got mine in them as 6 nests of 3 colors each.  So two containers hold my rainbows with a slot to spare, and two more hold the xenos + pink.  I don't like them rattling around loose so I keep them in plastic baggies per color for now, although I'm trying to rig up a thing with little foam sheets that you can see with the red/yellow/green container in the photos below.  I've also got the games that come in pyramid bags inside their own 4x6 so if someone wants to play one of those, they can just grab that 4x6 and the needed pyramids.  The other 4x6s have extra dice, coasters, a rainbow box (which I'm using the hold the little booklets those come with), that sort of thing.  A 3house book and World War 5 board fit inside the outer box.

Photo gallery of this box as of this post:  http://imgur.com/a/vKa8s

Hoping to get a tarot deck and some zendo stones in there too eventually, probably the rainbow/xeno/pink boxes will come out to accommodate those.  I might get another rainbow stash for the "extra" slot so it could be easily grabbed too.  Ideally I'd also do that for xeno, and then have a 4x6 for pink/grey/kickstarter green but I'd need to get greys for that!

Biggest downsides I see with it now are that some things might not fit the 4x6, the handle is potentially too flimsy for really using it a lot (like at a convention maybe.  perhaps it could be modified or replaced?), and I bought a 12 box unit without knowing there was a 16!  Also there are transparent color versions of the 4x6s but not in all the colors you'd want if you were going to dedicate a 4x6 to each color of pyramid.

Tip-saver/rattle resistors for Metal Tins:

So, as Andy indicated back in October, these metal tins (Starship Captain’s Metal Tin) could be a neat way to store your pyramids.A few years ago, I had made a similar (cardboard) container, but with cone-shaped bottom and lid to better fit/protect the pyramids. Basically the cone was just a small 0.5" high, and 2" in radius.

They are fairly simple to make: (Make two, one for the bottom and one for the top)

1) Draw a 2.12" radius circle on a piece of card-stock. (A little over 2-1/16")

2) Draw a radial line, plus an additional radial offset from the first by 10.27degrees. (10 degrees is probably sufficient)

3) Cut along one of the radials, and bend the paper into a cone such that the cut line meets the offset line.

4) Tape ends in place.



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