Hi everyone, I'm looking for a way to store my pyramids and assorted other stuff.  Actually, two ways–one for an Icehouse set, and one for full set of (currently 11) colors.  I've noticed pink pyramids stack a little taller than the others do (at least my Pink Treehouse set does) and the plastic tote that would otherwise hold six stashes wouldn't quite work.

So, what do you use?  And of course…

Showing off is mandatory.  :)

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Alas, the Treehouse tube is no more.  It would be so obvious to use any number of small bit carriers if we still had a source for treehouse tubes.  I've got one now, but I paid a premium for the set.  Unless anyone has found a source for the tubes in question?  They are likely a fairly standard part, though probably normally sold in lots of like 10,000 or something.  ;P



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