I'm thinking about doing a tournament or several of Pyramid Arcade games. I have enough Pyramids and boards and things to support about 24 players in a tournament of Pikemen, and Pikemen is relatively fast, easy to teach, and the tactics and strategy are not to easy, but not to hard. So I was thinking of starting with that.

Martian Chess is another possibility.

A class/practice session on Homeworlds leading up to a tournament is also a possibility.

Any other ideas?

If we get a community started, we could even do a multi game tournament, with a different game in each round. (Powerhouse, Pikemen, Homeworlds, anyone?)

I also have a post over at BGG

BBG Pikemen tournament thread

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With many luck based games (I am thinking WW5 more than Powerhouse) you have to do a 2-out-of-3 or similar to prevent luck having too much of a factor. Games like IceDice, Looney Ludo, and that sort may need 4/7 matches.

Martian Chess, Pikemen, Volcano, and possibly Lunar Invaders are great. Lunar and Homeworlds require some sort of teaching session. Zark City, Petal Battle, and Powerhouse are good if you want to have mostly strategy but partial luck. If you do a mix, 2/3 might be good just so that a rule interpretation error is easier to recover from.



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