Hello! Has anyone seen any recorded Homeworlds games anywhere? Preferably written records of games? Thanks!

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Games are archived at superdupergames.org but it looks like there's currently a bug in the server.

E.g. http://superdupergames.org/main.html?page=archive_play&gid=32141

Cool! Thanks. I had no idea that they saved them.

You should watch Homeworlds Theater, if you haven't already.


The Emperor and Dr. Cool play games and talk about stuff.  A great watch, to be sure.

I really wish they would do a Binary Homeworlds tutorial video.

A tutorial video, like this one, perhaps?


I asked about the same thing, and I heard from a little birdie :: coughtwittercough :: that a Youtube tutorial series is possibly in the works. 

Probably the best place to find them is on superdupergames itself.

There's also this exhibition game:




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