I was wondering what it took to get "regular" access. 

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It takes an admin to personally bestow "regular status" on a user.  I could easily do the task.

However, due to a MediaWiki snafu, the IceWiki won't accept any edits at this time, even from admins and regulars.  This has been the unfortunate state for at least a year or two.  Only the wiki's webmaster, Brian Campbell, has any ability to solve the problem, whatever it is.

Isn't it really time to migrate the content to a new platform?

As a bonus, admin privileges could be given to someone at Looney Labs so that it wouldn't go all ghost town in the future.

We have tried getting official Looney adoption of it in the past, with little or no success. 

At this point, the best bet is probably to migrate it by hand. That would at least provide an opportunity to get all the infoboxes, metadata, tags, categories, etc into alignment... at the cost of several hundred hours of volunteer time (over 300 pages to convert). As a bonus, though, we also could install Semantic MediaWiki onto a new site and be able to much-easier build the game-list pages (especially What Can I Play, which is a hand-built index but could be auto-built with consistent, standardized semantic tags... and could be improved by including the new packaging option as a sort category (# sets of Ice Dice and Pink Hijinks has never been factored into the page).

I do not volunteer. :)

I would certainly assist with architecture, all kidding aside. Tagging, templates, structure are fun. Copy & paste for hours is not.

I would love to see a working wiki again !

I volunteer for copy & paste !

I can't offer any technical expertise, but I would definitely volunteer time copy/pasting things if someone is going to make a real go at this.

During my last conversation with IceWiki admin Brian Campbell, he told me he was willing to turn the keys over to anyone qualified and attentive enough to fill his shoes.

I'm glad that you got a hold of him. Hopefully someone will stand up and help out. It's a great resource of games that supports an often vibrant community of players and designers.

It would suck if it just ended up as an archive, like the Piecepack community's site, as so much work has gone into the wiki.

A further advantage to moving to a new platform would be that it could be called something like "The Pyramid Wiki", reflecting the name change for the system. Then there could be a site newsletter on Wednesday.

The Pyramid Wiki Mid-Weekly.

(The newsletter suggestion is just for the pun, but there would be advantages to the name change. Retaining all the "Ice" names harkens back to history, but doesn't situate things well for people new to the system.)

I would love to help with this, as I had been going through and pointing out spam where I could previously. Much as I would like to, I can't take on the whole thing because I know I'd overextend myself and it would fall apart. Definitely up for as much as I can mange tho. 



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