Hey all -- just bought Fluxx, really enjoying it, except for this very intense argument that comes up every time we see the Let's Do That Again! action card.


The question: are players allowed to look through the discard pile at any time?


The LDTA! card says that 'anyone may look through the discard pile at any time', so I think yes. But a person I play with says that nobody can look through the pile until that card is played, because otherwise, they don't know that they're allowed to since it's not stated in the basic game rules.


So what's the official word-- is the discard pile available for looking through all game long by anyone, or only once the LDTA! card has been played?


Thanks for the help-- our relationship depends on it

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Anyone may look through the discard pile at any time.  The card is not creating a rule, but restating a general rule.  In some versions of Fluxx the order of the discard pile matters, so you shouldn't change the order.
Just to confirm in my official voice: What Jeff Said.
Thanks for the clarification-- I feel vindicated, though my partner suggests (and I agree) that the ability to look through the discard pile is included as a note on the game's FAQ sheet. Though the tension was kind of exciting..



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