Hi there, I am a new member here, as well as new to the Fluxx world. Two weeks ago I bought, on a whim, to purchase Cthulhu Fluxx. I must say its by far the best money I have spent in a long time. I do have some rules questions though. Sorry if they were covered elsewhere.

#1: On the 'Draw 3 and play 2 card', if you draw a creeper as one of the three cards, does that creeper get played in front of you and you draw another card OR can you use that creeper as the discard of the three you drew?

#2: Considering the 'Dark Gift" card. Does your anti-doom if it cancels out your ability to use the dark gift ability? Secondly, if a creeper is drawn, do you then play him and pick another card as you would with any normal creeper drawn?

#3: At the start of the game when cards are dealt and players receive a creeper do all players play the creepers before the start of any turns or do you wait till the start of YOUR turn?

#4: If 'The Stars are Right' is removed from play and there is currently a goal and ungoal in play, do both stay in play? Or is one removed? And if so how do you determine which goes and which stays.

#5: Which the 'Draw 2 + Doom' card, if a creeper is drawn raising your doom count do you then have to draw more cards than you originally had counted?

Thanks and I am sorry if some of these were covered before.

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1. The Creeper goes in front of you and you draw to replace.  Any time you draw a Creeper it goes in front of you, even if you're drawing a card that won't go in your hand.  So, for example, Dreams and Omens works that way, too.

2. If you have a doomed card, you can do it.  It doesn't matter what else you have.  Yes, Creepers go in front of you; see #1.

3. Put your Creepers in front of you and replace them (repeating as necessary) before anyone takes a turn.

4. One is removed.  Current player decides.  That is, the person who was current player when the New Rule was discarded.

5. You draw more cards, yes.

Thanks for the response. These were just odd questions we had that we were t sure how to handle and had sort of been playing them one way and didnt want to switch up until we were sure but it all makes sense. :)



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