1) Must my piece move through the Exit Portal on exact count only, as in Earth Backgammon?

2) If I have a piece awaiting Re-Entry, must I move that piece before any other?

3) How many of my pieces can I have waiting outside my Re-Entry Point at once?  Just one?  More than one?

EDIT: Official rules are here: http://wunderland.com/WTS/Kristin/Games/MartianBackgammon.html

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Hello!  You probably have arrived at an answer by now, since I'm slow in responding.  Nevertheless, I've reviewed the rules and here's what seems to be the case.  I may be wrong, but this stuff seems to be true:

1) No.  The rule under 'Rolling the Dice' states "You need not use all of your pips."  fFurther, the example photo shows Green is about to win, having rolled 4 and 5, although Green only needs 1 and 3.

2)That doesn't appear to be the case either.  There is no rule about re-entering before other movement.

3) Well, pieces must stack in trees while waiting in the hall.  Therefore, immediately outside the entry point, you could have no more than 3 pieces: a small, a medium, and a large.  However I think you are asking if pieces stack outside the entry point.  That is a pretty good question!  I think they do not.  The rules are very vague on this point, stating simply "If you leave a solitary piece unattended ... and your opponent lands on that piece, it gets moved to the Re-Entry Point," which suggests that every piece at the re-entry point stacks collectively on top of each other.

It seems to me your questions 2 and 3 are basically about the same thing.  How are pieces handled at the re-entry point?  The rules are very vague on this point, aren't they.

I think it would be most logical that a player must move pieces back inside the entry before doing anything else.  Your opponent may have bumped 1 or 2 of your pieces (of any size) on his last turn, therefore you could have no more than that outside the entry point.  Also, the pieces would probably stack in the order they were bumped, and that is the order they must be brought back in.

But that is only an interpretation.



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