rules ?s- Order of operations, Inflation, and the Poor Bonus

-We have the meta rule "Rules Escalation" in play with a counter at 6 or 7. There is "draw 4" on the table, limiting the initial draw. Say someone trashes the draw rule- do they draw up to the benefit conferred by the meta rule? Or have they passed the draw phase of their turn by playing the card that trashed it. What if they then play inflation?

-When someone plays "inflation" do they immediately draw a new card? In general, does the effect of adding a numeral or affecting a rule card cause the rule to trigger again?

-Poor Bonus "If one player has fewer Keepers on the table than any other player, that person draws 1 extra card." It also reminds us that new rules take effect instantly. Does this mean one player draws a card immediately when I play the bonus even if I'm not the one? If all the new rules are triggered every new turn, does this mean the poor person just gets to draw at the start of everyone's turn? Also, it doesn't say "may" like the Rich Bonus, so is this is a mandatory measure for the poor and they have to draw? A fellow fluxx fiend sees the "extra" as implying it is in conjunction with the draw phase. 

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1.  If you the draw rule changes during your turn, and you have not yet drawn that number of cards then you would need to draw any additional cards to get to the new draw rule.

2.  When inflation is played you would need to draw an additional card, unless the draw rule had previously been reduced below the current rule.  (If rule is draw 3, and you play Inflation, draw additional card.  If rule was draw 3 but had been discarded and is now draw 1, and you play inflation, you have drawn 3 and rule is draw 2 so you wouldn't draw)

3.  Poor bonus affects the draw phase for the player with the fewest keepers.  That person draws an additional card during their draw phase.



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