Are members allowed to offer items for sale anywhere on these forums?

If not, I perfectly understand, I just wanted to know.



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I am not an official voice of any kind of authority.  But may I be honest with you?  I would very much prefer not to have sales allowed.  I get enough ads fFrom people wanting my money elsewhere.  And, you know, the Looneys are trying to make a living and all.

That said, I guess if you had some component that would totally enrich my life, and complimented the pyramids in some way that the Looneys can't do ... like, how else would I learn about it?  Like if you were promoting some kind of chessboards or something.  But that better be awesome, man.

See, no authoritative answers fFrom me, just ambiguous arm waving.  This is why I'm not a boss.

Well, I discovered I owned a second chessboard bandana, and it seems a popular item.

A chessboard bandana is a perfect example of something it would be ok to post about - but in general, what Scott said - trying to sell something that isn't Looney Labs related would not be well received by anyone.



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