I have a question about the rules for Seven Dragons. 


The standard set of operations when playing an action card is to perform the action and then change the color of the Silver Dragon by putting the card on top of the discard pile.  Now that I'm reading the rules, I see that they state, "If you don't want both to happen, you have the option to skip one."  That seems pretty explicit that you can take the action, change the color of the Silver Dragon or both, but you can't do neither.  However I saw one of the Demo Techs at Origins, say that you could in fact do neither: NOT take the action and then play the card to bottom of the discard pile.  This effectively gives you a "pass" option at the cost of an action card.  Unfortunately, I then went on to spread this (most likely) incorrect reading of the rules.


Was the intent to disallow the "neither" option?  I don't see how the rules could be read any other way.  On the other hand, making the action card procedure two independent decisions (first either perform the action or not; then put the card at either the top or bottom of the discard pile) seems like a more elegant way to do things.


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If I may tag onto Ryan's thread, I just remembered something which is sort of similar and could use some addressing:

Is it possible fFor the very fFirst action card to NOT change the color of the silver dragon?  My interpretation would be no, the initial action card must always change the color, therefore changing the color to at least something other than "wild" in the rest of the game.  The initial action card is the top of the discard pile, and cannot be slinked to the bottom of the deck.  However I noticed several games where the silver dragon remained wild the entire game.

Who is right?

From the rules:

After  carrying out the action, add the card face up to the discard pile (next to the draw pile).

I don't see too much wiggle room there at all.  The first action must change the color of the Silver Dragon.

Mind you... That's basically the same situation for my question, as far as being addressed in the written rules goes.


That's correct. The first action must change the silver dragon's color. The Silver Dragon is NOT meant to stay wild for the whole game!


As for doing nothing with an Action, no you can't do that. Passing is an option if you don't want to do anything, but you can't waste an Action card. If you play it, at least one of the actions it provides must occur.


I'm working on posting an official FAQ with this and other questions answered!

OK, I posted the first few FAQ answers here:


Thanks for the FAQ Andrew, however I get an error if I click on the link.



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