Hi Folks -

I recently picked up Seven Dragons and could sort of figure things out but there were some discussion on the rules.

1) If possible, even though unlikely, that you can't play a card (I can provide a situation if asked for), do you discard one of your cards or just lose a turn?

2) If the Silver Dragon is your color, does it count as part of your chain?

3) The goal is to create "a connected chain" of 7 dragons.

Is the "chain " considered the cards in play or the images being uninterrupted?

For Example: I play a card against the Silver Dragon - I play a card 2 panel card -

Gold on top and red on the bottom. My next play, I play the inverse of the card, Red on top and

gold on the bottom - Connecting the Reds together.

Is the "gold chain" considered broken because the reds are making the connections or is the chain still alive because each card has a gold dragon on it?

Thanks anyone who can provide some insight!


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It's been a while since I've played, but I'd say:

1: I don't know. Is there something in the rules that makes it sound like you should discard instead of simply doing nothing if you have no legal move? In practice it seems unlikely in a real game.

Aha, here's a BGG thread saying you can pass:


(Always useful to check the BGG rules forum for game questions!)

2: Sure, if it's in your chain. After all, it's a dragon of your color at that time.

3: "connected" means connected, contiguous, continuously linked together. (Otherwise they would say more simply that you just need 7 of your color in play, period.) This also seems very clear in the rules' FAQ. I do not understand the description of your situation, though. But the "connected" concept seems simple: the panels in a connected group must be touching one another.

Hope that helps!

Hi Russ -

Thank you for the information on questions 1 & 2.

As for the 3rd question.

Thank you!!

I just needed to reread the FAQs to get clarity.

I was questioning whether or not the cards counted for you, but it's actually the panels that need to be touching.





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