Short version: I had to wait a while before picking up a copy of Pyramid Arcade. I was looking through the (absolutely wonderful looking) rule book online in anticipation and saw that my game, Timelock, was included in the "22 More Games" section.

I had to pause, then go back and re-read it to make sure I wasn't mistaken. I couldn't believe that people still like that game that I thought maybe a dozen or two people would ever play nearly a decade ago.

In short: THANK YOU to the folks that wanted Timelock to be included in the Pyramid Arcade book. It means a lot to even be listed in the same section as some of the games that got me hooked on pyramid games in the first place! To have my game mentioned in Andy's "magnum opus is kind of surreal.

I decided to take the time to design a Pyramid Arcade style badge for Timelock, if anyone is interested (see attached). More things to come when I get the time.

Again, thank you to the Starship Captain community (and the Looneys, of course)!


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Well, thank you fFor making a cool game and sharing it with us!!

I nominated it because it is an absolutely great game that is easily playable with the pieces included in the Pyramid Arcade setup. I thoroughly enjoy it, and it's probably in the low teens/high single digits of my Starship Captain List. So, kudos on making a great game! I really like that badge too. It really captures the feel of the game, in as much as the other PA badges do as well.



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