But also bring in questions. My kids (and most people I play with love Star Flux (I hang around several IT geeks, so it comes with the territory). Anyway, tonight I added the flower (counts and Love and Death) and all cards that would be related to those cards along with the the (like Death and Taxed and War = Death).

Anyway, we came across a couple of issues that we just could not work out.

The first: We had double Agenda in play with "War = Death" and "All That is Certain" (needing Death and Taxes). My daughter Michelle had War, Death and Taxes as her only creepers. She thought that since it was a double agenda, she satisfied both goals and should win. I said that yes, she satisfied War = Death, but since she had Taxes, that did not count. In the same sense, she had Death and Taxes, but since she had War, that did not count. Who is right? Since it was double agenda, she did satisfy each as if that card places both as one, but I am pretty sure it does not work that way.

That brings me to the second part. My other daughter, Christine, had the Traitor (I love that card), so she would have won if the first situation would have actually resulted in a winner. I told her that I did not think that would count because she also had Evil in front of her. The argument is how the card is worded. The Traitor says: "If you have this card, you cannot win by meeting the current goal. However, if another player meets the goal, you win instead of them..." In the rules, a traitor prevents you from willing if it does not satisfy the current goal. Now let's say that hypothetically, the first issue ended in a win for Michelle. The traitor would make Christine win by how the card is worded... BUT other creepers say that you cannot win by meeting the current goal. Christine did have Evil, but Michelle had no other creepers than the ones that would have made her win. Since The Traitor goes by looking at Michelle to win, would Christine's Evil count as a creeper to prevent her from winning or would she win because Michelle had nothing preventing her from winning (hypothetically, of course)

Thirds question: Monty Python Fluxx. Play all is in effect. Christine (as her last card) plays Jackpot. Since she has to draw three cards, and the rule is Play All, does she play all those cards too, or did her turn end as soon as she played the Jackpot card, thus leaving the three cards in her hand?

I have other questions too (I do beta testing for a reason), but until tonight, I forget to write them down. :)

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Item the First: Michelle doesn't win for the reasons you gave.

Item the Second: Christine wins with the Traitor.  The old fan site had a FAQ document that answered this very question.  Essentially, since you win instead of someone else, what you have in front of you doesn't matter.

Item the Third: Christine keeps playing.  She doesn't necessarily play all of the cards because the rules could change (or the game could end) before she has a chance to play them all.  But the card resolution is effectively instantaneous, so she always has cards in hand for purposes of Play All.



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