2 Questions. This came up in a a game last night.

Player A plays Exchange Keepers on Player B

Player B throws down "It's A Trap"

The It's a Trap card says it prevents the player from Stealing a Keeper and then you can steal their Keeper instead. So my for my question is Exchange Keepers considered "Stealing a  Keeper" since you are giving them one back?  If so, do they get to steal one of your keepers or do they have to exchange keepers with you of their choice?



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I'd read it as you could only play 'it's a trap' against someone taking a keeper, not against an exchange. Could be wrong though. But thats the way I read it.

Yes that's the way I read it as well. But I could counter the argument that I am stealing away their valuable keeper that will take away their win condition or give me a win condition. 

I could probably stroll into a store and take a pair of new sneakers and replace them with another new pair of sneakers of a different brand and equal value or close to equal value that someone had bought for me and the store would most likely still accuse me of stealing.  



well.. this happened on review by table top..


i honestly don't know the answer.. it would be good if andy could rectify the real intention of this surprise card..

i would like to say, whenever you lose a keeper (via forced exchange or stolen), the surprise should work.. but who knows..

i guess, you can always put a house rule prior hand x]

I noticed this thread as a popped in to the fan club here, so I consulted with Andy on this. 

After some discussion, we decided that Exchanging Keepers does not count as "stealing" a Keeper.   You cannot then reverse the action against your opponent.  (What would that mean "and instead you [Exchange] one of their Keepers"? - that doesn't really make sense.)  So we concluded that Exchange is unstopped by It's A Trap!

What It's A Trap! protects you against is Steal A Keeper, AND any of those annoying other Keepers, like the Captain and the Scientist who can steal certain Keepers at will.  One of my favorite things is to put out a juicy Crew Member and wait for the person with the Captain to try to take it, at which point, instead... It's A Trap! and I get to steal their Captain instead.


Thanks for the clarification.

One of the best things about Fluxx to me is that it can be open to interpretation, but it's great to hear from the games designer what he had in mind as well.


Thank you very much! That helped settle a friendly dispute.


Thanks for posting this! Although I don't like that I lost my Holographic Projector and got a not-so-cute fuzzy alien creature in it's place. :'-(

It's good to know the answer and I'm glad I found this forum.



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