We had a situation once where we had the Play All rule in effect. One of the player had the Time Traveler Keeper and played the Time Portal.

The player with the Time Traveler can put back in his hand the Time Portal when he play it. The Time Portal permits you to take any card in the draw pile or the discard pile.

Does this mean the player plays infinitely, since the player plays all card and always has "at least" the Time Portal in hand? If he for some reason he can't win (highly improbable) how do we make him stop his turn?

I just want to be ready when the situation comes back!


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The Time Portal says that after you put the card you selected into your hand, "your turn ends immediately."  That overrides Play All.  So with Time Traveler in play, the card you select and Time Portal go into your hand, but then your turn is over.

Oh right! I reread the card and you're right! I guess we missed that rule.




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