While demo'ing the game last night a question arose, that I really didn't have an answer to...


Unseen Force: If you have this on the table, once per turn you can steal a card chosen randomly from another player's hand, and add that card to your own hand.


This once per turn, is it on YOUR turn or anyone's turn?


Other than was a great game!!






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i would say its on your turn seeing the only cards able to be played on any turn is surprise cards
I would go with just your turn. However, it technically would be anyone's turn as written.

The Captian is written the same way...Once Per Turn.


I'm confused.

"Once per turn" always means during your own turn only.
Thank you Andrew, for the clairifying helps a LOT!!
While we're on the subject, when I play a card that moves a creeper it reads as I pick the creeper's new owner and they pick its new keeper to attach to. Can someone confirm or correct this assessment?
No, the player who played the Creeper Re-assignment action chooses what Keeper the Creeper re-attaches to.

Speaking of Creepers, what effect do the Star Fluxx rules have on Creepers from other games?  For example, I'm a big fan of using The Traitor to cause havoc.  Must I now assign The Traitor to a Keeper (organic or inorganic, we all remember HAL)?

The attaching power of Star Fluxx Creepers is explained on the cards themselves and does not affect the way other Creepers work, so the Traitor should work as usual That said, the laser weapons only work against Keepers that have Creepers attached, so you might want a house rule that allows you to shoot the Traitor too.
Thanks, that's a Good Idea.
Along that vein, I think I'd want a house rule that allows you to discard the Traitor if you have any handheld weapon keeper (e.g. the Pirate Fluxx Cutlass or the Star Fluxx Laser Pistol). And now that I think about it, I'm not sure if I'd want the Zombie Fluxx Flamethrower to count as a weapon in this case. ;)
I had a question about a similar situation that happened in a recent game; Beam Us Up caused all players to move our being cards back to our hands.  One player had a being with Brain Parasites.  What happens to the Brain Parasites when the keeper it's attached to is returned to a player's hand?  We ruled that the Brain Parasites were discarded (cured). Is this correct?



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