Here's the full story about the Starship Captain Training Sesions that I've been running:

First of all, the sessions have never been posted on the Labyrinth schedule calendar.  So if you're assuming that they've been cancelled just because they're not showing up there, that's not the case.  

If Labyrinth staff are steering people away from the sessions, please let me know!

Second, Labyrinth switched up which night the sessions take place on.  We were on First Tuesdays, the same night as a Games Club of Maryland (GCOM) event.  

However, Labyrinth decided to turn Tuesday nights over exclusively to the Magic players, and that non-magic gaming was off-limits.  GCOM adjusted to first Thursdays accordingly.

In light of this change, I decided to switch from first Tuesdays to first Thursdays starting in October.  

To my knowledge, I am still welcome to demo pyramids at Labyrinth, and I still intend to do so on the first Thursday of each month.  Thursday nights are pretty cramped, and I worry that I won't get table space for these demos much longer.  But I will keep trying.

Thanks for taking an interest in my demo sessions.

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