How about Cthulhu Fluxx?

Another idea would be geopolitical Fluxx, which could be further declined in various historical flavours (Ancient Near East, Medieval Europe, Cold War Era, etc.).  A Roman Empire Fluxx would probably work better at the "personal" level (i.e. the ups and downs of a Roman family) rather than at the geopolitical level.

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Wonderland Fluxx would be so AMAZING!!

I also fully support the ideas of Cthulu, Fairy (or Fairy Tales) and think that the combo between pirates and fairies would definitely solve the Peter Pan concept. 

You know, as much as I'd love a good licensed Dr. Who game, that pretty much HAS to be a time travel game.

I would Soooooo be there for Red Dwarf Fluxx!!!!

Dr. Who is already "mentioned" in Star Fluxx by way of the Time Traveler.

I really like the Alice in Wonderland, Spy, and fairy tale ideas!

I think we need to add ninja Fluxx to the list to counter pirate.

Ha, ha! So there would be Pirates, Ninjas, Aliens (Martian and/or Space), Zombies, hmm ... Cowboys? Would there be there a market for Wild West Fluxx?

Sounds amazing! It could be Ninjas and Samurai >:D

I'm really looking forward to Cthulhu Fluxx :)

A more family-focused one could perhaps be Zoo Fluxx? Animal keepers (and creepy-crawly creepers?), goals like "Cat Collection" (have two of lion, tiger, panther)... Or even better, "Lions, Tigers and Bears, oh my!"

I think Zoo Fluxx would be very fun and have such a great span of ideas.  Also, because Fluxx decks can be mixed it would be very easy to incorporate into Eco Fluxx and potentially hilarious with Zombie or Pirate Fluxx. 


I keep seeing Fairy or Mother Goose Fluxx.  What about a Grimm Fluxx focusing more on the fairy tales with a moral (perhaps the morals can be used as goals).  A more family oriented version (to go along with Family Fluxx) could be pointed towards nursery rhymes and their characters.  With both sets, the keepers and creepers would have to remain more general so that they will fit a variety of tales.  The boy, the girl, the witch, the monster, etc.  It might also be fun to have a Nanofictionary version.



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