How about Cthulhu Fluxx?

Another idea would be geopolitical Fluxx, which could be further declined in various historical flavours (Ancient Near East, Medieval Europe, Cold War Era, etc.).  A Roman Empire Fluxx would probably work better at the "personal" level (i.e. the ups and downs of a Roman family) rather than at the geopolitical level.

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I think my appetite for moral instruction will be sated by Cthulhu Fluxx.

Alice in Wonderland, Roman Empire, Ninja, Spy (a.k.a. James Bond ish or even Spy vs Spy theme) or Grimm Fluxx are all awesome ideas! I second. Or what about Time Travel Fluxx in the spirit of the Time Traveler Calendar: and Back to The Future / Chrononauts.

Grimm and other Folklore Fluxxes are good ideas, so how about Arabian Nights Fluxx?  One key difference from the other "tale" Fluxxes would be some kind of Russian doll tale structure: the Arabian Nights are notorious for telling a tale within a tale within a tale within a tale.

I actually think the Russian doll idea might work well in some conjunction or just using pyramids...

Oh, I'm sure I'd go for Arabian Nights.

My friends and I are working on creating our own version of Pokemon FLUXX. haha. I'm nearly half way through inking the cards now.

I like the idea of Ninja + Samurai Fluxx. Zoo / Animal / Creature Fluxx sounds fun. Maybe a Racing (cars) Fluxx too.

One idea I've had in my mind for a while now is Solar System Fluxx.  I need to make up a prototype and try it out.

I'm intrigued by this one.  What is the gist?  Discovering objects or maybe flying around?

There are both solar system objects (planets, moons, the sun, etc.), and man-made probes for exploring or observing them, along with goals combining them in different ways.

I'm with Daniel on this one. Sounds intriguing, and if you need a playtester, I'm in!

My wife recommended a Jane Austen/ Pride and Prejudice Fluxx.  Lots of material here, and general appeal, I feel, as most of us (of my generation) were required to read at least Pride and Prejudice, if not the two big JA novels, Pride and Prejudice and Sense and Sensibility.With all of the comic twists in P&P, and all of the possibilities for Marriage-matching, there would be good ground for a fun and educational (Shhhh...) Fluxx.

The idea of Jane Austen Fluxx appeals to me.  As does Alice in Wonderland. 



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