How about Cthulhu Fluxx?

Another idea would be geopolitical Fluxx, which could be further declined in various historical flavours (Ancient Near East, Medieval Europe, Cold War Era, etc.).  A Roman Empire Fluxx would probably work better at the "personal" level (i.e. the ups and downs of a Roman family) rather than at the geopolitical level.

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They're talking about August for Cthulhu Fluxx.


A Renaissance inspired Fluxx could be fun or something inspired by classic authors like Dante, Shakespeare or better yet a Don Quixote Fluxx!

We're about to get Oz, so a Peter Pan Fluxx (also based more on the book) would be fun to play with my kids.

I like the Pan idea.  I think a Fairytale Fluxx or Mother Goose Fluxx would be great for playing with the lil ones too.

To look at slightly more generic notions from a couple of the suggestions above:

Rather than Cold War history, Spy Fluxx with all sorts of espionage tropes, which could be set in the 20th or the 21st century.

Rather than Peter Pan or even Mother Goose "Fairy Tales," Fairy Fluxx with various kinds of magic and lands of dream.

Pirate Fluxx + Fairy Fluxx = Peter Pan!

I'd rather have a 60's/70's Spy Fluxx then.

Martian Fluxx + Spy Fluxx = MIB!

Peter Pan Fluxx would need licensing, as I believe there's still a copyright on it. Or maybe it expired-somehting about a charity or a hospital always getting the money from the IP?


But it would be pretty cool!

great ormond st childrens hospital holds the copyright. it is contested/expired in some countries, but as far as i can see, its pretty much got a license forever in the uk/eu. i dont think the license they have gives them the right to refuse works, just gain loyalties from them.

I'd love to see and Alice in Wonderland themed version.

Provided licencing could be acquired: Dr. Who, Red Dwarf, or Harry Potter would be super fun as well.

harry potter would be expensive. dr who possibly, as its the good old bbc that has copyright, and i don't think theyd mind merchandise and advertising.



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