Hey guys my son is about to go on his first summer break and as I was looking for activities to keep his mind busy and out of trouble it occurred to me that I have the solution to filling his spare time and some bonding time. I have approached my FLGS about running a summer gaming club for kids 5-13. It would be an open format of all sorts of games from cards to board and maybe mini games. It would run for about 4hrs a day two days a week. Cost is something we are trying to figure out. I am trying to come up with ways to promote it as summer break is right around the corner. Also any feed back or ideas are totally welcome.

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My local game store has a guy who basically runs such a club (although targeted at adults).  He simply sends out an email once every single Monday reminding everyone "This Wednesday is Boardgame Day."  He describes the kinds of games he'd like to play this week, sometimes gives some silly commentary, and maybe an idea of how many people came last week.  This is great because then anyone can reply with their own game requests (I announced on the mailing list when I received Cthulhu fFluxx, fFor example.)

The downsides to this fFor your purposes are, many of your kids may not have an email address.  So you might tailor this towards the parents, stating more or less how many kids come in, and whatever else parents might want to know.

My local group has no cost.  people either show up and play games, or they don't.  It's quite casual.  It sounds like you want something slightly more fFormal.  My thoughts are, if you start charging people money, they will expect you to do things fFor them.  Or you become a babysitter.  Maybe that's roughly in line with your plan, I don't know.  I'm not sure if you're imagining something more like summer camp, or an arcade.

The only real rule the store has implemented is that there shall be no buying or selling of any games, other than those in the store.  Preferably, any games people bring in will have been purchased at the store, but that's not a rule.  The idea is that the store is trying to make money here, and providing tables and a safe environment is a thing they choose to do.  We as customers should support the store whenever we can.

i actually changed up my idea and have organized a summer gaming camp for kids at one of my FLGS. Comic Quest in Lake Forest is going to help us run our Camp out of the store for a nominal fee. https://www.facebook.com/summercampquest



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