I understand the retailer kit for this year's Tabletop Day is going to have a Fluxx promo card.

Is it a new promo card? If so, will it be available after that day in the online store?


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Just saw the card on Facebook. I like it, and hope to get a couple.

These do look awesome!!

Well, gotta make sure I'm wearin' some tie dye!  Not really a problem, I gotta bunch.  =D

Too bad it doesn't say "Draw 1 card, per piece of tie dye clothing you have on."  I could probably draw a lot of cards, if i plan it right.  heh.  =)

They said on the fb page it would be available for purchase but I don't know if it will be in time.

I hope so....our FLGS doesn't do tabletop day due to being a tiny tiny store and them having MTG events on Saturdays that take up any space they have :(

And the next FLGS is about 4 hours away. Yay middle of nowhere snowsville!

I'll be running events for the local college game group though, since last year we had a pretty epic group show up and ubercrononauts happened :) But since they are a school nonprofit organzination and not a retailer, they can't get swag from tabletop day. But I think I can scrape together money to just buy a pack myself and distribute the promos assuming they will be available to buy and be delivered before the event :)

The cards are up for sale now!  http://store.looneylabs.com/TableTop-Tie-Dye-Bonus

You can buy one card for $1, or a pack of 25 cards for $7.50 - like all of our promo cards. 

We printed 42,000 of these cards!   1500 kits were built for TableTopDay, and we put a pack of 25 into each kit...  plus we made extras to sell in advance to anyone who won't be able to make it to an event that got one of those 1500 kits.

And there is still time to make or buy some tie-dye before April 5th - thanks for showing your Looney Labs colors! 

Bought a couple just now, along with 1st edition Fluxx

I too have ordered said promo card (as well as all other Fluxx promo cards currently available in the online store).

Just wish I didn't have to wait for it to come over her, lol.



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