Where will you be playing games on March 30th?

First, listen to Felicia Day and Wil Wheaton announce #TableTopDay

If you haven't yet, watch Wil play Star Fluxx on TableTop

And if you live near the DC Metro area, come to our TableTopDay event in College Park and Play Games with The Looneys!  Get a Cute Fuzzy Alien Creature (on a button) when you play Star Fluxx with us!

or look for an event near you... TableTopDay.com

If you are lucky, your local game store might be giving out these buttons too - but only about 100 stores got them - so know that they are limited and special if you do get your hands on one!

Make plans to play games on March 30th!

Felicia says: please use the hashtag #TableTopDay when you tweet about the event 

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TableTop day in the UK is not well supported, we're having a 'Family Fluxx' day in the Feenix household. Hope you all have a great time and, may the best person win :)

Our Family Fluxx marathon has been a great success.

We started the evening with Fluxx v1 and have progressed through Zombie Fluxx, Family Fluxx, Fluxx v3 (plus extras), Monty Python Fluxx, Star Fluxx and Cthulhu Fluxx.

We even had enough time left for a couple of games of Ice Dice. :)

Hope everyone else has as much fun as we've had.

Happy TableTop Day.

Here's a picture of the proud winner, with a copy of his certificate of 'awsomeness' from Geek & Sundry;



TableTopDay WINNER photo tabletopday_zps7a8e2f01.jpg

Hey Feenix!  Looks like  a great time!  Did you take any breaks between games??   Interested to know what Fluxx game you like the best!  Are you ready for the Fluxx Board game in July?  Give us some more info on the games results and who won!

Congrats to the young lad on a what Ill bet was a very fun day!


Hi Drew, yeah, I could have gone into a little more detail I guess so here it is blow by blow;

We started out playing one game of each of the Fluxx card games we currently have, and then played a second game of Star Fluxx (our joint favourite). Having played the first six games, Jack (the proud owner of the TableTop Day certificate) had missed out on every game, but with two games left he still felt he could make a come-back. And he did!

We had expected, having played eight games straight  that there would be a clear winner, or maybe a joint winner, but no. We were all on 2 wins each! You can't have four winners after four hours of earnest gaming! We need winners!

Having foreseen this possible outcome, and having only printed off the single winners certificate, I'd cannily agreed beforehand that in the event of a draw we'd play a sudden death game of Ice Dice (fantastic deciding game by the way), and thats what we went on to do.

Following Jacks victory dance around the table, and my own name change to 'looooser', I presented him with his certificate, which now has pride of place in his bedroom. But he'd better watch out next year, I'm going to be honing my skills. :)

Yes, I'm looking forward to the Fluxx BoardGame. Shame it's not likely to be at the UK Games Expo as we're attending that this year for the first time, (I assume it's not likely to be there as it takes place at the end of may and I've not seen any news on the game) and it would have been great to see or maybe trial it while I'm there. I guess I'll have to learn patience. Mind you, I'm only a few games into the Pyramid system yet, so I have plenty to keep us busy for a while at least.



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