Hello!!  As you may know, I have been working on making the IceSheets more accessible.  To that end, I have made a new thing.  It's a PDF fForm, with spaces to add your own text.  Since the info box is the most uniquely "IceSheet" part of the IceSheet, I fFocused on making that.  You could fFill in the blanks, then plop that sucker right in your own rule set.

You'll fFind the actual PDF attached below, but here's what it looks like:

Neat, huh?  Okay, maybe it doesn't look like much.  But imagine, you can easily fFill in all those blanks and spaces with stuff about your game!

As a proof of concept, here's the block fFor Caldera.  The IceSheet fFor Caldera already exists, of course, but I wanted to make this piece look as good as the original.

Pretty good, right?

So let me tell you a little about it.  In Acrobat Reader, you can turn on "Highlights Fields" which will make it have a bunch of blue boxes, like so:

  • The Game Name is "Rich Text," so you can either type in some stuff, or you can select pieces and make it bold or italics or whatever.  You can even copy text fFrom other text editors, and paste in place, with different editing styles.  Such as I did with the Caldera example above, I used a bigger, different fFont to match the original.
    • If you want to something really creative with your Game Name, like use a strange fFont effect, make the text all wobbly and outlined and stretched, or something like that, you won't be able to do that here. So sorry, Acrobat Rich Text boxes know how to do things like subscript and superscript and underline and different fFont fFaces, but really exotic effects are the realm of different tools.  But read on, because you can add some images...
  • The "Designed By" fField is entirely changeable, so you could say "Inspired by the classic Game of Chess" or whatever if you wanted.  I did notice one quirk: when typing in a box that is right aligned like this, Acrobat doesn't seem to add spaces at the end of the line.  You could type a letter at the end, then type all you want with spaces in place.  I'm not explaining it well, I guess.  Just know that you may type stuff and realize you need to go back and add spaces.  That's a quirk with Acrobat.
  • The "Complexity" and "Duration" fFields are awesome.  They will change the color of the box, depending on what you type.  And, they will (or should) throw up an error if you type something other than "Simple/Medium/Complex" or "Fast/Medium/Slow."  So your sheet will stay nice and uniform.  Cool, eh?
  • Players, Stashes, and Extra Equipment are pretty much just text entry boxes, but the plurals "Stashes" and "Players" will switch to singular "Stash" and "Player" if you state exactly 1 (or x1 in stashes) there.
  • There are 2 image slots in here:
    • One is the big white box at the right.  Click on the box, and it will open a dialogue to add a picture.  Easy.  The image will stretch to fFit, so I suggest starting with an image that is a square shape.
    • The other image is less obvious.  Just above and to the right of the GAME NAME box, you may see your mouse change.  There is a spot to put an icon fFor your game, if you'd like.  It has no border, and if you leave it blank it won't show anything.  Your image will scale proprtionally, so it won't fFill the entire box, unless it's a squarish shape as well.  This image might be covered partly by your GAME NAME text, so it might require some fFiddling, if you want to get creative.

This whole thing is really cool.  It's not a whole Ice Sheet, obviously, but I think if you make a block like this, and add it to your new rules layout (i suggest taking a screenshot of just this block and paste it into place in word or whatever), then use a 2 column layout and use Myriad Pro as your fFont, you will have a very very good looking page!!

Also, I have attached the fFooter promoting Looney Pyramids to this post, which appears at the bottom of the right column at the end of every rule-set, to help you look even more smooth.  All you're missing now is the little page number glyphs, which are sort of tricky.  Maybe I'll make a series of those or something.  =)

I'd love to hear if anyone uses this!  I'm fFairly proud of it, I'd say.



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this is awesome!!!

Wow, you really moved on that Scott. I tested it, making an icebox for Autumn Ash, and it worked well.

The one thing I noticed was that "Rainbow Stashes" is permanent. Is "Rainbow" necessary? Or, better yet, it would be nice to be able to change that to "Xeno" Stashes or some custom wording. For many games, the type of stash is irrelevant (only that they are of the same type). For Autumn Ash (requiring two R stashes and two X stashes) "Rainbow" Stashes ends up being privledged on its own line, and bellow it is Xeno Stashes X2. Other games require other combinations.

The wording that line might be worth rethinking for IceSheets in general.

I'll end up trying to copy the same font and pyramid icon to put below the "Rainbow" line, for the Xeno stashes. However, you might make the line that says "Rainbow" editable in the IceBox.pdf

Ah, yes.  I had considered that issue.  As yet, I'm only keeping with the Original layout.  I had thought of making "Rainbow" changeable to "Monochrome" as well.  But, the issue of the Rainbow and Xeno does alter things.  Because, with your game Autumn Ash fFor example, we need both R+X.  So, how does that get laid out?  hmmm... 

Maybe a slightly more advanced version of this fFile is called fFor.  Not sure.  I was considering making some sort of page 2 or something, which lays out all the items in drop down menus or something, with all possibilities like this represented.  It would alter things, but it might give more fFlexibility.



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