The IceAwards for 2012, play through of the games from 2011 FINAL VOTING ROUND

The following games have made it to the final round of the ICE Awards.  What games will end up on top, a game of dueling elderly wizards fight for neighborly supremacy? Pyro Martian clubbers competing to exit a conflagration? alien monsters fighting to the death in a Gleeb arena? or pyramid factions racing to be the first to traverse a treacherous “volcano board”?



A• Evacuate   (Designed by Gregory Lattanzio)

B• Freeze Tag   (Designed by Jeanne Rink Kramer-Smyth)

C. Gleebs and Grues   (Designed by Robert Dudley)

D. Ziggurat Demolition Throwdown   (Designed by P.D. Magnus)


It is now up to us to determine a winner and a runner up!


      1. To vote, you need to request the poll link from me. Feel free to do so through a "friend request". This personalized link is all that is required to vote (no login or password is required), and can only be used once. Alternatively, you can email your ranged votes to me, and I will add them into the tally.

You can email me through this forum or through my email: glattanzio(at)

     2. Rate each game on a scale between F and A+ (with A+ being, of course, the best).

Guideline: From F to A+, you might evaluate the games in relation to this guideline.

F In your evaluation, the game is awful. What was the designer thinking?

C Is midrange, for an acceptable and at least somewhat entertaining or interesting experience. There were a few things that you liked about the game, but you may not play it again in the near future.

A+ An exceptional game that you really enjoyed. This is a game that captured your imagination and that you can’t wait to play again.

All votes need to be in by 1pm EST on 3/10/13.

Voting is done via an online survey program that allows for a lot of flexibility in ranged voting. This way you’re not voting simply yes or no to a particular game, you’re grading the game itself based on your reaction to it. It also keeps a lot of good data on the votes.

Here are things to consider in the final round:

Originality: With 400+ games on our wiki, it’s amazing (and a testament to genius of the pyramids design) that there is still such diversity in what designers come up with. That said, how original a game is, and how interesting its concept is, probably has some affect on how we view it. Some games may simply update existing games (published or otherwise), and some may seem familiar but do something very new with these familiar mechanics.

Replaybility and Strategic Depth: Does a given game make you want to play it again? And then, having played it again, do you still need to play it… just one more time! The depth of a game comes in here as well. A game that offers a number of options for strategic play may end up being returned to more often, as there will be quite a number of things you may wish to try out.

Fun Factor: This is hard to measure but… were the game mechanics and the general game experience fun? Were you able to get beyond the frustration of learning something new and really get into the pleasure of playing?

Pyramidicity: Some games make more use of the attributes of pyramid pieces than others. The use the color, shape, size, opacitity, and pips on a piece may come into play in some games. Some games may utilize the ability of a pyramid to point in a certain direction, be stacked, hide information, and some games even use gravity (and the tendency for awkwardly placed pyramids to topple). Pyramidicity helps one to decide if a game is a pyramid game foundationally or simply a game that uses pyramids as pieces. That said, nobody says a game should use all of the characteristics of the pyramids or that a game that has the highest pyramidicity rating is the necessarily the best.

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And so the round begins! Please note, for the next two days I'll be presenting a paper at a literary conference. If you request your voting link before then, there will be a delay in my response. Thanks for understanding.

I’m back and town now and will continue to provide the voting links for players, when they are ready to vote on the final list of games.


Of note, we welcome more pics of game play, questions concerning play, etc.


I regret that I didn’t get a pic of Ziggurat Demolition Throwdown up in time for the prior round. The only pic I had was a phone pic someone took during a 4-player game played during GAGG. Unfortunately, the shot didn’t really provide for a distinct representation of the gameplay.


For that game, you should check out the work that P.D. M. has done on the decktet. They’re worth printing or purchasing, as there are several interesting games that you can play with them.


The Decktet

Print and Play Version

Hey Greg - how do I request a link to vote?  I've been playing the new games... and want to make sure I vote before the deadline! 

Thanks Kristin.

The links can be gotten by emailing me on this forum. For most people, that means that you have to add me as a friend, but, in your case, I was able to just send the link to you.

Alternatively, people can email me at my personal email (see above).

Calling all pyramid players! There’s just a few days left in the ICE Award contest, and voting has slowed down a little these past few days. This is a reminder that everyone in this community is eligible to vote. Even if you’ve only played one of the games listed, feel free to log in and rank it (though the more games you can vote on the better the final total will be). Thanks!

The contest has officially ended!

The winner, and final standings, determined by round robin voting, are as follows:

1. WINNER: Freeze Tag  (with the most first-place positions on voters ballots)

2. Runner up: Evacuate

3. Gleebs and Grues  

4. Ziggurat Demolition Throwdown 

Congratulations to Jeanne Rink Kramer-Smyth!!  And congratulations to everyone who participated!!  There has been no shortage of great games to play!!!

Jeanne Rink Kramer-Smyth

Thanks so much!!

Thanks for all your work on the 2011 IceAwards, Greg. I don't feel like I pulled my weight to the extent that I might have, but I'm glad to see the process bear fruit.



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