The IceAwards for 2012, play through of the games from 2011 OPEN VOTING ROUND

COME JOIN US for the first round of voting for the ICE Awards of 2012 (the play through of the games from 2011). Voting starts 1/25 and ends on 2/17 (1pm EST).

What is this? "The ICE Award is a fan-organized award given annually to recognize quality fan-produced games for Looney pyramids."

Rules for voting: Rate the games from one to seven (with one being your favorite). You can rate as many games as you wish, To keep the voting system working well, please vote for as many games as you are able. You’ll have three weeks to do so, so feel free to try out a few games that you haven’t played before. If you have a game in the mix, you may vote for your own game.

Send your votes to me via email through this forum or via glattanzio(at) and they will be tabulated if received while the round is active.

The top four games will make it to the final round (from which the winner and the runner up will be awarded).


To encourage informed votes for as many games as possible, the games on your list will receive a bonus if you list at least two games in your list, even more if you vote for five or more.


THE GAMES: These are each quality games that I would be happy to teach others.

A• Evacuate   (Designed by Gregory Lattanzio)

B• Freeze Tag   (Designed by Jeanne Rink Kramer-Smyth)

C. Gleebs and Grues   (Designed by Robert Dudley)

D. Paint the Line  (Designed by Robert Dudley)

E. Martian Canals  (Designed by Dennis D Duquette)

F• Stawvs   (Designed by Russ Williams)

G. Ziggurat Demolition Throwdown   (Designed by P.D. Magnus)

How the order is tabulated:

Because this round includes seven games and not everyone will get to play all of them, the order will be tabulated by hand. All users will get to vote once by email; those who may not have an account on here will be encouraged to sign up through the wiki. The final round of four games will be tabulated via a simple voting program.

If you vote on one game: The game gets three points

Two to four games: The game in the first spot gets five points, the game in the second gets four, and so on.

Five or more games: The game in the first spot gets seven points, the game in the second gets six, and so on.

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I decided on the above tabulation rules due to the fact that I wanted the best quality votes, accumulated in the shortest time possible (as we need to have the award finalized so that whoever runs the next contest can do so soon).

I will encourage my local gaming friends to get together over the next three weeks to play through all of the games at least once, and I encourage that process as able.

Good structure.  I like it.

So many tough decisions!

On just the topic of Robert Dudley's games alone, I think Paint the Line has a really good mechanic, but Gleebs and Grues is likely to be a more commonly played game.  But which is actually *better*?  Which deserves the highest accolades?

And how do they fFall in among the rest?


It might be nice to post a few pictures of the games in this round. 

Here is a picture of Evacuate to start off.

And here is Gleebs and Grues.

Picture by Matthew Rogers (posted on this forum).

Some of the games also have pages on Boardgamegeek. Ratings, comments, and reviews are always appreciated!

Freeze Tag

Gleebs and Grues

Paint the Line


Ziggurat Demolition Throwdown

And here is a picture of Freeze Tag (taken from the Icehouse wiki).

REMINDER: We have just 10 days before the end of round one of the ICE Awards of 2012 (7 days before Valentine’s Day, which I suppose you should also probably be cognizant of).


I want to note that I personally send an acknowledgement email out for each group of votes that I receive. If you have sent your votes already, but have not received a response, try submitting them again. 

A pic of Martian Canals:

Just 2 days to go in this voting round! Here is a picture of another game up for voting.

Paint the Line (photo by Robert Dudley)

A board filled for a game of Stawvs.

There's less than 24 hours before the end of the first round of open voting...

As votes are starting to come in more rapidly, I'm extending the voting round until 1pm on 2/17, EST.  That way, if you want to play a last round of games tonight, you'll have a little more time to get your votes in.

Remember, if you believe that you've voted, but haven't received an email confirming your vote, send it again.



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