I saw and picked up a copy of the new Treehouse set at the Game Parlor in Chantilly VA last week.  Here are some reactions I have:

- I love the vibrant colors in the new pieces.  It looks like there is a much more consistent color between different sets as well.

- I really like how the different different rule sets and the Pharaoh board fold up nicely to fit on top of the Pocket Guide to reinforce the bottom of the bag.  Even the descriptive tag on the outside fits on top of them.

- It's really cool to have a cloth board for Pharoah: it's foldable, more durable than a paper board (and doesn't stay creased when you unfold it), and can be used for Caldera, of course.

- It's also nice to have more breathing room in the Treehouse rules.


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Here are my reactions (all positive, like yours):

  • This is my sixth rainbow stash, so now I'm finally playing Caldera, and I do find it an improvement over old-style Volcano. (See my recently-posted pic.)
  • The emphasis on Pharaoh got me playing it again. I had dismissed it pretty quickly when I was first experimenting with pyramid games, and I've now found that my daughter really likes it, Also, it is very easy to throw down as a three- or four-player game.
  • I love the little green bag even more than the IceDice bag.

Now that I have 13 stashes of pyramids (6 Rainbow, 5 Xeno, 1 Pink, 1 Electric Yellow), I prefer to keep all the Rainbow ones together in my larger kit. The super-pocketable Treehouse bag gets to hold what I need for Pharaoh, Treehouse, Tic Tac Doh!, Ice Age, and IceSickle:

  1. One trio each of Electric Yellow, Clear, Cyan, and Pink.
  2. Four more Electric Yellow queens.
  3. Four more Clear drones.
  4. Four more Pink pawns.
  5. Treehouse die and conventional die.
  6. Cloth Pharaoh board.
  7. Treehouse and Pharaoh rules.

I've got the Pocket Guide in there now, but I'm thinking of formatting some rules for IceSickle and Ice Age to fit instead.



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