I'm interested in the cards that were dropped until version 4.0, so it would be awesome if someone who has versions 1 to 3.1 could post pictures or at least the texts of the following cards:


Lose a Turn
Pilfer the Trash
Scramble Keepers
Security Breach
Trash Hand Limit
Trash Keeper Limit
I Need a Goal


Brain Bonus
Eye Bonus
Secret Data
Tax Bonus
Money Bonus


Keeper Shortage
Money (no Taxes)

(These are the cards I could not find pictures of)

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Okay, since nobody answered I bought versions 1 and 3. Only version 2 was nowhere to find (at least for a reasonable price). Could someone please post the text from the only card that's unique to version two: Money Bonus?

Trivia question: what ever happened to Government Cover-Up and Secret Data?

Answer:  We took these cards out because I didn't like them...   when you are explaining the game to people looking over the shoulders of people playing the game it totally sucks to have some (or sometimes all) of the keepers turned upside down in front of the players.  And I spent a LOT of time describing the game at conventions, pointing at the cards in play to new people teaching them what was going on in the game... at first I just started removing them from the decks we used for demos, but eventually (version 3) Andy just removed them from the game for me altogether.  Thanks again for that change, Andy! 

Interesting!  =)

It indeed is. Thank you Kristin. ;)



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