OK, I saw an earlier thread about the Traitor and Cthulhu Fluxx - one thing that wasn't addressed (that I could see) happened the other night.

I had The Cultist out and one of the other players had the Traitor. We met the conditions for the Dunwich Horror, and some discussion ensued.

We decided that The Cultist won for two reasons:

1) From game mechanics, the text of the Traitor only refers to GOALS and not UNGOALS

2) In the context of the spirit of the Cthulhu mythos, everyone INCLUDING the Traitor EXCEPT the Cultist is now bugnuts insane and loses...

Does that sound right?

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It's a very unusual situation, since The Traitor is a promo (and a really weird one at that!) but I would agree with your ruling on this.  As you point out, it makes sense for both a strict rule reading (Goal vs Ungoal) and thematic sense (insanity for all except the Cultist). Andy isn't around to back me up on this right this instant, but I think this sounds like the right call.  I will grab it for our future FAQ.


Yeah, it is unusual. We've got probably 90% of the promo cards between a couple of us, so what we do is shuffle all the promo cards, deal off the top 3 and shuffle them into the deck :)



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