With the consent of Andy Looney I would like to draw your attention to my three games with pyramids.

For these three games you need cards besides pyramids. These cards can be obtained here from the Web DriveThruCards

For games Pyramideto and Geodeto you will need one set of pyramids (rainbow) and a white trio. To play U.S. President you will need three sets of pyramids.

Geodeto and U.S. President are designed for more experienced players.
Pyramideto is designed for families and younger children, so be careful.

I'll be glad if you try these games. And I am looking forward for any comments. Here or to mail mail divecky@gmail.com.

The link: http://www.drivethrucards.com/index.php?manufacturers_id=5323

Best regards, Jan

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To clarify: You're saying that U.S. President requires three rainbow stashes?

By the way, for everyone else reading here, Pyramideto was one of the finalists for the 2011 ICE Award for best game of 2010.  The ICE Awards are given out by the Looney Pyramid fan community.  Pyrinoes won that year.

As all players need their color, with rainbow stahes you can play in max. 5 players. No other limits. If you add white - you can play in six or three couples. 

BTW if you remove 6 white cards from Pyramideto, you can play also with only one rainbow set. 

Thanks for the heads-up, Jan.  And thanks for making them available this way.  I plan to get them at an appropriate time.

I confess I'm at a loss about the "be careful" warning. :)

Maybe because the game is geared to younger children? Have to watch that they don't get hurt with handling the pointy pyramids, I presume.

Yes. As LooneyLabs put it - pyramids are designed for older players than Pyramideto.

That's great, Jan!

I can easily endorse all 3 of these games as being great fFun.

If I ever get around to running the dang ICE Awards fFor 2012, U.S. President will probably be a strong contender.

Thanks fFor your words and fFs. :)



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