I started my pyramania with an IceDice set, and I missed the window for the old tube-packaged sets of Treehouse. But now I'd like to get my hands on a copy of the rules from that set. Or maybe someone could even tell me whether it will really answer my need. Here's the scenario.

Pink Hijinks is adorable, but a little frustrating in the face of the terrific flexibility offered by the contents of other pyramid games. E.g. The new Treehouse set explicitly offers itself to play Pharaoh, but it's also ready for IceSickle, Ice Age, and other game options. For a little while, I thought that Pink Hijinks itself was the only game playable with the contents of the Pink Hijinks bag. Then I realized that I could add a Treehouse die, and the kit would be sufficient for a two-handed game of Treehouse.

So I'd like a copy of the rules that will fit in the Hijinks bag, to orient new players. The IceSheet version is too big, but I'm hopeful that the rules from the old Treehouse tubes will do the trick.

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There's a scan at boardgamegeek of some older version of the Treehouse rules from the tube:


Yeah, that's just what I need. Thanks!

if you give me your address, I can probably send you one of my dozen sets of classic treehouse rules.

fFunny thing about those.  you'd buy a bunch of tubes, and you'd get a whole lot of rules to that one game.  I think i still have lots of copies in my bag of stuff.

Terrific. I'm actually having trouble legibly printing out the BGG image file. I'll send you my address. I figured there would be folks with a surplus of old tube rules. Thanks in advance.



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