We have a Family Game night every Friday night, and have never previously bothered with a trophy, the game was simply for 'bragging rights'. But I've now built us our first Family Trophy which we will be playing for in addition to the normal 'bragging rights'.

I used a sample of a floor tile 4" x 4" (to give you a scale for the picture) and picked up a cheap colour change die from China and 10 x 6mm die shaped beads.

I put some foam pads on the bottom of my marble tile, and glued two beads atop each other as a support behind/below the white die. I've used two beads in front of the die to hold it in place and a pile of four beads at the front for aesthetic purposes.

I've borrowed an idea from TableTop and will change the name each week using masking tape (the lad's a big TableTop fan).

The white die can't be fixed as it has switch on the bottom to turn on the colour change LEDs, so it rests on the rear pillars and the front beads are there to simply help hold it in position.

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Cool, dude!!!



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