After dropping my wife at Dulles, I swung by the Game Parlor.  There I was pleased to see the new edition of Early American Chrononauts -- I'd been waiting for the "looney bin" version for a long time, so I snapped it up.  Then in the mail today I got the 2013 Looney Labs Holiday Gift, which includes pictures of the new releases, and I saw that the original Chrononauts has been released in a new box!  (I obviously hadn't poked around here recently to notice the announcements.) 

I dug out my old copy of EAC and compared it to the new one.  As far as I can tell, they are identical, with two exceptions: 

  1. The new one has four copies of a card labelled "10-Card Hand Accomplished", used to indicate when that part of UberChrononauts has been achieved.  
  2. The card which has UberChrononauts rules on one side and the Inverter Converter on the other is gone.  In its place is an extra Flash Forward Timewarp card. 

This makes me wonder whether there are any similar tiny changes to the new edition of the base Chrononauts, despite the LL store saying it's unchanged.  (It said EAC is unchanged, too. :)

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Hi Brian,

Nothing about original Chrono changed except the box.

The new EAC also features a redone rulesheet and notes on several inverters about usage beyond the scope of EAC. (And the Inverter Converter is no longer needed because of such notes on the Inverters in regular Chrono.)



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