I thought of two game variants of Homeworlds.

1. First Epoch. More than 2 players. Take one less "Good" cards than players, and one less "Evil" cards than players. Each player draws a card. Now we know that there is at least one player of each alliance. You win if you are the first to eliminate a player of the other alliance. If the first player to eliminate another fails to win, the game continues as the "Second Epoch", etc. Note that in each epoch, there is at least one player of each alliance! This variation makes Good and Evil symmetrical, so that each player plays the same game.

2. Two vs. Two. Played with 4 players but without Good/Evil cards. Form two teams. The players of one team sit on opposite sides from each other. A team wins if both players of the other team are eliminated. This variant is, just as Binary Homeworlds a pure strategy game.

Please, try these variants and let me know what you think. Thank you.

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