So, I was lurking eBay, looking for various things... I did a search for "Chrononauts" and found out about this comic series:

I assume this is coincidental, and not related to the game? Or is it? I assume the name Chrononauts is trademarked or copyrighted or something by Looney Labs, but does that only apply to card games?

On another topic, I think it would be awesome to see a Doctor Who themed time-travel game like Chrononauts and the Back To The Future Card game. If you guys could get the rights and do one, I think it could become a favorite among Whovians. Anyone else think so?

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1. The "copyright" you mention is probably about the specific logos and drawings, or possibly US Patent 6474650 which is on the mechanics of the game and is probably expired (or going to expire soon). Chrono means time and naut means traveler, so the name translates to Time Travelers. I doubt you could really copyright that 11-letter word.

2. I am not one to judge about this but it would be quite an endeavor to get the rights. Doctor Who is a lot bigger than BTTF.

Right, I assumed that there being a comic called the same thing as the card game was coincidence, and after looking into it a bit more the two seem to be unrelated. I had hoped for maybe a comic series of one-shots about the card game characters that detailed the nanofiction on the ID cards in more depth, or perhaps showed the Time Repair Agency's workings and cameo'd the characters. But alas...

And yes, I'm sure it might be a feat to get Doctor Who's rights, however they've been able to get the rights for some other big-name franchises for Fluxx variants (Batman, Adventure Time, and arguably Firefly, to name a few). There is SO MUCH merchandise and licensed stuff out there for Doctor Who that I think it may be possible, though working with BBC to do so might be odd with the differences in laws for the different countries. Anyway, just thought it might be a good idea since the two both have time travel as a core concept.

The only other problem I see is that BTTF dealt directly with causality and the "ripple effect" while Doctor Who appears to be less of that. If I am terribly wrong please correct, but I am having trouble envisioning what the game could be like.

Well, most of the time the Doctor tends to be there just in time to save the world, but there have been a lot of episodes where he arrives somewhere and realizes something is wrong, that the timeline was changed somehow. He inherently patches paradoxes or "fixes" the timeline to what he sees as it should be. The Daleks have their own version of reality. Jack Harkness has his own timeline events that would have to occur or he doesn't exist... Granted, many of the events don't create paradoxes for The Doctor or deal with direct causality, but that's because he's a Time Lord (similar to Time Agents in Chrononauts, he can circumvent problems by travelling in time). Rose was stuck in an alternate reality as a result of some of the outcomes of various events.

The Timeline cards could be major events in the Doctor Who universe, and various configurations can lead to outcomes like the Reality Bomb or Bad Wolf manifesting for the various IDs. Artifacts/Gadgets could be the various Whovian inventions... I think there's a LOT that could be done with this theme.



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