I'm sure I'm not alone, but its worth asking once in a while.  I have a bunch of other "normal" stashes I could trade or cash is always an option.

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Still on the lookout.

I, too would like to see a return of the "Greys"!  Also the volcano caps! 

Sorry mate, I only got mine by randomly finding one in a small comic book shop in the middle of nowhere. They're like finding a unicorn in the wild... one of those events that could happen to you, and no one would ever believe you haha

I concur. It seems that they have gotten away from the monochrome stash model though. I wonder whether they might instead sell gold (or brown) and gray opaque trees at some point. It might be easier to create the pyramids on a contingency basis that way. In any event, having these would help in creating four-player hidden information games.

The Looneys have suggested that it may be less likely that they will be able to produce these with the new factory, so who knows when/if new opaque stashes may become available. I don't think that there has been any new information concerning this.

Yeah, I still like the idea of a "Crypto Stash" with opaque gray, tan, silver, and gold, and translucent bottle-brown. There's been no hint that this is under serious consideration, though.

I noticed recently that the easiest way to get a monochrome stash with Pyramids currently in production is to buy two Pink Hijinks!

I think there's no going back from the multi-color stash model, and on the whole I think it's for the best.

A third set of colors would be great, but I doubt there's a sufficient market for it.  I wonder sometimes if it might be something that could be funded via kickstarter, but I suspect that even with kickstarter it wouldn't be feasible.

Wouldn't it be great if Looney Pyramids got popular enough that they could support a Build Your Own Stash system similar to the custom order systems for M&Ms and Lego?

That would be great, Jeff, but I'll still hold out hope for finding Volcano caps somewhere out there!  Have a good one!

That would be pretty cool to get custom order ones.

I totally second the notion for a Kickstarter for grey pyramids... or even another color (dark..).

I'd totally be in on a Kickstarter!

Root Beer pyramids!  Sign me up.

I’d love to see this too.

I’m not sure how much they’d have to raise for a limited run of a given color. However, maybe someday they could try a tiered kickstart where the number of unique colors produced is determined by hitting certain goals. Personally, I feel that getting opaque stashes satisfies more of a need (so that three or four-player games can be played that require hidden information), so opaque grey, opaque gold (seems like it would go well with the LL color scheme), or solid brown (perhaps copper) mightmake sense.

That said, a rootbeer stash would also be a nice addition to those. :)



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