I can get as many Treehouse dice as I want from the store, but I have some game ideas that would require multiple colour dice and pyramid dice. Does anyone know where (or if) I can get those? I'd prefer to buy official dice rather than stickering blank dice.

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Pink hijinks has the pyramid dice, which is pretty awesome.  Which is not really what you were asking about, i know.  =)  But then you also have a slew of pyramids to do stuff with.

Contact Alison (customer-support@looneylabs.com) - we have a big pile of these dice from an early test run, that have printing that wasn't cured well and rubs off easily.  We are never going to put these up for sale, but Alison sends them out to people when they ask really nicely, and understand the work required to coat them with clear nail polish before use.

Thank you, I'll drop her a line! Clearcoating them should be a simple project, and I'd love to start playing around with more of them.



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