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I got a promo Martian Coaster way back when they were the holiday gift, and never ended up using it for anything (didn't have pyramids)... I finally got it out when I picked up some KS Green pyramids, though I currently only have that color and no other players.

Anyhoo, I thought to myself, "Self? It's a coaster, right? Why not use it as advertised?" and started doing so... only to notice dark stain rings from my glass shortly after, as seen in the attached picture. Is this common with Martian Coasters? Or with Cosmic Coasters? This is a very "papery" item and I don't think it can be washed without ruining it... or can it? I know they're still available and I can buy another, but I'm rather mad at myself that I decided to try out the "coaster" functionality without more caution first and that I'd have to buy another if this one is ruined. I do plan to pick up Pyramid Arcade, and I know the Loony Ludo boards aren't coasters, but that's one way to replace the game piece at least...

TL;DR: Any way to wash Martian Coasters without ruining them?

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I don't know, but FWIW it seems barely noticeable to me in the photo! Also, the photo isn't showing an actual coaster board side that would be used in play, but just a "title page" so to speak. So if it was me, I don't think I'd worry about it. :)

I have a ring on the other side as well that seems to have lightened up after drying... I know it's not bad, but it's still an imperfection with something I got as a gift that's a part of my gaming collection, you know? It matters to me. Besides, if they can be washed, I was thinking of getting a set of them and the Cosmic Coasters to use mainly as coasters for the front room when people visit. (Maybe it'll encourage them to play!) In the end though, if they get stained so easily, I'd rather have more durable coasters...

So yeah, my original question still stands: can they be washed or cleaned somehow without being ruined?



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